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  1. GT - Bhaal1986 Family name - Abaddon Region - EU
  2. From what I can tell today was the last day to sign up to the website, we have until the 3 April to link our account to be eligible for the pet
  3. Hopefully everyone can get in and enjoy the game, I got the deluxe bundle so will see all the people on the EU server soon
  4. When i pre-ordered the deluxe edition on the UK store it said exactly what was in each bundle, including 72 hours early access for ultimate, 48 hours early access for deluxe and 24 hours early access for standard, unless that was changed before Sunday when I got mine then it's been there since the pre orders went live, also they said 2 or 3 of the last live streams what was included in each bundle as well and they go back to before the pre orders opened
  5. It's not what's being released within 6 months, they said on the last stream that it's what is being released in the first 6 months of 2019, so by June
  6. that was a problem with the wording, it has always been 12am 1/3/19 pst
  7. Same but I'll be waiting for the dark knight
  8. I agree being able to turn quickly while casting a skill with a long cast time would be great, the problem is the Xbox controller only has a few buttons and so this might be hard to do unless turn the sensitivity of the sticks would speed up the turning, although making it possible to spin on spot by 180° or maybe just 90° will be possible eventually, we've got a few months until awakening is released for the issue to be solved as it seems it effects those skills more
  9. playing in englnd I have to wait untii 8am
  10. Played the first guild wars for a while years ago, then eve online, got into eso for a bit on the Xbox but even with new releases it's all a bit samey now, love playing elite dangerous on xbox, really llooking forward to bdx as everything I've looked at looks amazing and deep
  11. if DK is released within the first few months after release i'll be really happy
  12. i was wondering this as well, i found a post in the pc forum that says its like a surname and appears above your character as well as the characters name, it is also the only name that shows on properties owned as they are shared by all the characters in the 'family' there are other things as well, apparently the friends list is sorted by family name with the character name in parenthesis
  13. Loved playing a sorc during the last beta, will definitely be my main until the dark knight is released
  14. Hi I'm David, heard about the game from a friend, tried the last open beta and am now hooked, still not sure what class to start as, spent most of the beta as a sorc but might try ranger until DK is released
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