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  1. WeAreLegion

    Post Your Favorite Screenshot!

    Just uploaded this one from last night: ”A Giant and His Horse”
  2. WeAreLegion

    Update Allows Notifications to be Disabled!

    Guess I’m lucky. So far all settings staying put.
  3. WeAreLegion

    NEED Help on Xbox

    To be fair the item did say in it’s description...
  4. WeAreLegion

    Story of the Hero Eavesdropping

    No problem. This seems to be a Rednose issue, most everyone has a problem at this point. 😝
  5. WeAreLegion

    Rather then complain about Kzarka

    Agreed. To be fair though the entire sever has connection and DC issues which is, wow! Never expected that lol. I’m half away around the world and lag like crazy during the 15 min event. But like you said...give it time. Games been out what? 3 weeks? Vast majority runs great, yes there have been some affected by issues that prevent playing at all but the majority of us are experiencing inconveniences rather then game breaking issues.
  6. WeAreLegion

    The new main Story questline

    So was the old line that drastically different? 🤔
  7. WeAreLegion

    Appreciation to the Developers~

    Missed this the other day, and after the Treasure Hunt event last night I felt the need to come here and offer my thanks as well. All the GMs and CMs do an amazing job and deal with a few very vocal and, frankly, immature players. I’ve worked in customer service, in one way or another, all my life and I want to say that I know your struggle. Keep up the great work, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Remember the vast majority of your players are silent and truly appreciative of everything you do. ❤️
  8. WeAreLegion

    Story of the Hero Eavesdropping

    You have to lean against the specific spot highlighted on the wall. 👍🏼
  9. WeAreLegion

    Post Your Favorite Screenshot!

    Agreed! Here’s another of my favorites: From the fishing event.
  10. WeAreLegion

    What Stones Can Be Removed From Equipment?

    Sorry if I came off flippant. I know they arn’t, but there is a chance. That’s all I’m saying.
  11. WeAreLegion

    What Stones Can Be Removed From Equipment?

    I didn’t say I would grind for them, just using them as examples. And yes, technically you can “grind” for silver to buy the dye you want, from others, off the marketplace. No real difference the. Saving up silver to buy a pet or a value pack...at least that’s how I see it. 👍🏼
  12. WeAreLegion

    Treasure Hunt Event Tonight

    Not bad.
  13. WeAreLegion

    What Stones Can Be Removed From Equipment?

    For me? Doubt it. I still play FF Brave Exivus and that game has major gotcha mechanics. I don’t have any issue with them making money since the game is $10 and all updates are free. And I don’t have any issue with grinding for something I want. (Like specifc dyes from RNG or other players on marketplace, or tools to extract crystals)
  14. WeAreLegion

    49 vs 50+