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  1. Took me a minute but here she’s is: Region: NA Name: Stjarna
  2. It’s happened once before and was fixed in a few days. 👍🏼
  3. FYI, about 15 min back the CM crashed hard. All silver and stored items are missing. Its happened before so I’m sure it will be resolved. Heads up @[CM]Shirna
  4. Always worked fine for me. How was it buggy?
  5. Yeah I was just back to report so far (riding from Mediah all the way back to the Gehaku Plains to awaken my ginger giant) I’ve not seen huge sections of distant land missing. 👍🏼
  6. So how do we tell it’s on? Just realized I THINK mine was switched off god knows when. In settings if it shows as: Display Settings -> HDR -> 4K (Ultra High Definition) ON Then it’s on right? Mine had been switched back to off at some point. Thanks.
  7. So I was wrong...it’s still really bad. Horrendous.
  8. So after update it’s better overall, but the issue still exists, just to a lesser extent.
  9. Posted this in the bug forum but I thought I would share here as well, if anything so you all can keep an eye out for it: Just got the good old “resources low error” on Xbox One X. Been a looooong time and over 400 hours since I’ve seen it, but it’s back again. 👎🏼 This André the MAJOR graphic issues for distant land are really bad and have only popped up for me after the last update. Anyone else getting this?
  10. Just got the good old “resources low error” on Xbox One X. Been a looooong time and over 400 hours since I’ve seen it, but it’s back again. 👎🏼 NA, B-2
  11. Actually it’s pretty awful everywhere now. 😞 Standing on a hill northwest of Heidel looking south and huge sections of land are just....gone. Objects in the distance are floating in the air. Nah, looks horrid. 👎🏼
  12. Large sections of landscape in the distance (seems to be mostly mountains and cliffs) are just not there leaving floating assets until you get closer. Was not like this prior to last update. Ive noticed it in the Cox Island area and the entrance to the desert looking back at the Sand Bazaar (I think that was the name of the node). Can provide pics if needed. Thanks! B2, NA servers, Xbox One X
  13. That seems silly. @[CM]Shirnacan you clarify?
  14. Hey all. So...how the heck do we view competed quests?? Would make my life soooooo much easier if I could see what I did. Lol Thanks! 🙌🏼
  15. Sounds exciting. I’ve been wanting to see the desert.
  16. Hey all. So how do you craft a costume out of multiple Old Casual (Female) outfits? 🤔 I have 8 now, just not sure what to do with them. Thanks!
  17. Does it reset at 8PM EST time with the daily rewards? Easter event is much better with the phase II portion out. 👍🏼
  18. @[CM]Shirna thank you so much! She’s not a gamer like me but she will really love that you gave her positive vibes. I’ll let her know when we get her off sedation and able to talk. Seriously, thank you. It means a lot. ❤️ Thank you.
  19. That looks...odd. Well, my wife is in the ICU at our hospital...it was sudden and unexpected, so after getting the kids to school I’m spending as much time by her side as I can. I’m touched you noticed my absence. Really Uber. ❤️ Cool!
  20. Anyone have thoughts/insights/cool discoveries? I’m unable to play right now and frankly could use the distraction from RL.
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