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  1. Make some friends. Have some allies. Do whatever you feel like with the perks of being in a guild. We run guild boss scrolls and are constantly doing other group activities such as: Red Battlefield, World Bosses, Exploration, Alt. Account Leveling, and even just scheduled PvP with other random guilds. If you have any questions needed to be answered add me on Discord. @Cason#3404
  2. Ill definitely give it a try, I do admit i'm doing a Wizard as my main. I wont be too great in 1v1 PvP but if you guys will let me join and you do Group PvP i'm interested.
  3. Hey, if you want to start a Guild let me know I'm looking for someone to start one with. I'm also getting the Ultimate Edition as well. NA Servers. Hit me up on Xbox @RPCason
  4. RPCason


    Looking for a group of people to play the game with, and start a guild/clan. None of my friends are interested in BDO but I used to play on PC. So I know how great this game is. I'm just looking for some friends to make the grind a little more fun. Hit me up! My GT is RPCason on Xbox.
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