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  1. this link shows you the fame levels for PC, not sure how accurate they are http://dulfy.net/2017/01/18/black-desert-fame-levels-and-payout-guide/
  2. I am just waiting for the 'We NeEd CoMpEnSaTiOn FoR tHe TiMe LoSt!?'
  3. why do you need the node manager? you already get that node by default
  4. your clickbait in saying you discuss this topic. RIP
  5. oros for AP, saiyer fo accuracy
  6. only difference is that xbox requires you to use cron stones, so it when it fails it has a chance to reduce the upgrade instead of breaking
  7. Gives 10% combat xp. reduces durability wear, few other things. all costumes do these things
  8. A 2gig patch just got released, just go into your games and look in the updates. I had to manually select the update for it to start
  9. Yeah I'm guessing there will be, but they will be the generic ones like @Hieraphant said.
  10. normally the costumes you get give you a piece for each, so you would get one for your pre-awakening weapon, and your awakening weapon. but they are separate. you cant use the main weapon for the awakening, and you cant use the awakening one for the main weapon
  11. The Berserker actually looks larger.
  12. And that's what I am thinking, but the preorder screen contradicts itself in this: The items in the [Standard Edition], [Deluxe Edition], and [Ultimate Edition] can be used after the official launch of the game.
  13. Just wondering if we will get the items of our preorder as soon as we are able to get into the game, or will we have to wait until the games 'Official' launch. This is worded very oddly on the preorder screen.
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