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  1. I agree unless you pay some serious money your just gona get bullied out of all the grind spots so you cant even grind for good gear as all the people who paid money will just 1 shot you and take them spots. it's like how can you get better gear If you cant even grind for it as all spots are taken by seriously geard people who will just 1 shot you.
  2. - Integra - Integra is a large highly active PVP & PVE guild with over 70+ members looking for fresh new members to join our family while we still have room. We are all very friendly with lots of experienced players to help everyone out. We also work together as a team to lookout and protect our members in PVP. We do lots of guild battles as well as PVP and node wars and lots of Bosses. - Requirements: - - You need to be active - Very friendly and Sociable - Not toxic & Not salty - No level Requirement - No gear Requirement - Be able to participate in our Guild Events Please post below if you wish to join or contact Integra in game. we hangout in Media-1 Thank you.
  3. Ok so they said the maintenance was from 8gmt to 12gmt... the servers didn't go down till 9am gmt. now its 12 in the afternoon servers still not up.. so are they 1 hour behind? meaning EU servers will be up at 1pm not 12?
  4. I make 10mil an hour by going to helms there is a cave there called abandoned mine really good for drops.
  5. Please allow us to put emergency escape onto the ring menu as sometimes it dont work it will also help with boss fights and being gank in pvp if all you do is press left on D pad for example. thanks.
  6. Seriously can you please stop the spam... I wouldn't mind so much but it also comes with sound too... bling... bling...bling bling.. spam spam spam spam.... just take a look for yourself...
  7. I really don't enjoy any of the classes we currently have. can you please release the other classes soon? a lot of other players I know are only playing until the new classes get released. I'm only playing my class until the DK is out. other than that I'm just doing w.e and waiting it out till it's out.. not fun...
  8. I love how beautiful this game is and how greatly detailed the characters are. Athena E.U
  9. I just feel that night and day look exactly the same it's not dark enough to call it night.
  10. hopefully they come next week since we been getting 1 update a week.
  11. Hello I love this game but one thing that bugs me is the nights are not dark enough. sometimes I don't even know its night time.... can we please have darker nights? just think how fun PVP could be if you could hide in the darkness and how dangerous it could be going out at night.... it would also make lanterns and lights more useful... also you have to think if I use a lantern people will see me with it in the night... it could add so much fun challenges... I mean just look at this picture with darker nights look how beautiful it is. what night would you pick?
  12. So I was thinking of a way to generate faster energy regeneration for the characters in your family you do not play. How about in our house we buy a bed for every character in our family and just before we log off we put our character to sleep in one of these beds. so 5 characters = 5 beds. so when we play our main we have sat 5 characters asleep at home recovering energy. and under the character portrait will be a symbol of a bed icon to show they are sleeping in bed at home it takes so long for a character we don't play to recover energy at least this way it will give them a chance to be used more if they can regen energy faster when we don't play them.
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