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  1. SkillCap

    Kzarka boss times eu

    These spawntimes are horrible They picked the worst possible times when nobody is online If people have school, university or work, they can't do world boss hahaha
  2. SkillCap

    Quest preference type

    Game settings dont save. I have this problem too
  3. SkillCap

    Alpha v Symphony v RedRise [EU]

    EU is my favorite server after 1 week I’m from the us, so I’m not trying to turn this into a stupid region contest, since I play both. But what I have seen on eu is looking really good. Theres more adult players on eu i think. Just my first impression
  4. EU server need more channels. Everything is crowded
  5. SkillCap

    Witch vs wizard

    witch has better block after awakenweapon wizard grabs
  6. hi! you look very organized. tekei was the one that hosted the arsha arena tournament on pc server eu? i used to play on pc, so i think i found my perfect pvp guild