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  1. Bugged and you don't need cannons to kill Muraka anymore.
  2. I don't understand that... shared website, shared forum, shared discord, yet no crossplay. Then advertising PS4 version on Xbox One community? Wherever you look you see PA cheering about PS4 release, forgetting about Xbox Kamasylvia which was announced for 1st half of 2019, then we got news from community managers that there is slight delay. We heard it's gonna come early in July. It's August now and we have PS4 beta comming soon, that's for sure, yet what about Xbox version? I understand it's off-topic a bit, yet still connected somehow.
  3. Is this problem present on NA servers too? I mean, NA has way more players so I thought there wouldn't be a problem to kill both bosses.
  4. Well now gold chests are live, yet we can't exchange silver keys to gold keys at Morco.
  5. If you look at NA servers BDX seems ok, yet EU region is less populated. There are much less console players on EU region than on NA. Making crossplay on Xbox and PS4 a thing could save european BDX. I thought, when I saw website redirect to CONSOLE.playblackdesert.com, that it's just preparation for crossplay, yet later on stream they said there will be no crossplay. Very bad idea.
  6. I would like to see bypass route around Altinova city since speed restrictions in cities are present. It's a lot, I understand, to design and implement such thing, yet it would be nice to have one.
  7. Let's hope todays patch will solve the problem.
  8. Apo

    Guild Member List

    That's sad the topic was posted on april 12th and the problem still exist. 2nd thing about guild members list is missing sorting option and "last online" information.
  9. Here we go again... now just wait to see people quit EU version cause of weak server stability. New people join the game via Game Pass and they won't be encouraged to stay seeing servers in such poor condition.
  10. Can confirm, it's long-distance terrain so it doesn't break our game, yet it looks awful Here is an example:
  11. It happened to me and few friends, what influenced the course of the node-war, but ok, I'm here not for compensation - I just want new channels since all are crowded since game pass launch.
  12. Apo

    Pet issue

    Depends what was the problem - if there was lower t4 chance than stated I want compensation for my 3 failed attempts.
  13. Matchlock is a gun used in hunting. There is a guy near lake Kaia with quest to kill Jellys, you can rent Practice Matchlock from him.
  14. At least you have GMs, CMs online on NA
  15. You have to kill them with matchlock - both for quest or knowledge.
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