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  1. Thank you for the great text. My englisch is not good enough to answer properly but be sure it was a delight in this feed 🙂
  2. @[CM]Shirna Could you please clarify your decision behind the reset? Maybe not for most but at least for some, including me, it destryoed everything. I build up a worker empire and was server first for many cooking and production items just to get now whiped out everything (lost 80% of worth) without even a note in the patch notes? Lifeskilling makes 80% of the fun for me and yesterday i simply didnt wanna play anymore. I expected eveything in this update but not that reset. Make it even worse that its not mentioned anywhere or answered in chat when i ask. Also it seems it only affected the EU server, NA everything stayed the same
  3. Sometimes you have to look beyond your own box. He made it clear that he has a big issue with the situation. When you grew up a bit more you might realise that not every human is the same. The world has many colors and not just the two you might know so far.
  4. @[CM]Shirna And you dont mention that you completly resetted the EU centra market prices to the day 1 prices? So you want me to sell stuff which i bought for 10k for 2k making it a 80% loss? So my 110 million now only worth 25 million? So i need to wait some weekm maybe month for the prices go back up where they were? Thats a serious cut into the economy you did there. Without even mention a reason... come on
  5. Totally disagree. I think its the exact opposite. More people wmat the Arena than not. The Shadow Arean will be the only place where casuals and hardcore gamers can have the same fun. Equal gear and skill it is. It will prevent the game from dying to the "Visa Gang" later on.
  6. Yeah its there new central market where they "print" black stones (dont get me wrong i like it). As long as at least one peron sells a pice you can choose yourselfe between +0 and +7. The next batch is +8 - +10 and so on. But everything more than +7 counts also in some more costs (as they can fail) so to get the best bang for your buck get it max +7, melt it down and get the stones. Lets see if Mediah comes out today then the Quest items will be very very strong and might outgear your actual gear anyway (even at +15). So dont worry to much 🙂
  7. So how come a official GM puts up a maintance posts and messed up the times? 1pm UTC is NOW and not in 2 hours 😉
  8. I still think its way to early, game is already overwhelming for new players, now making there whole progress after 10 days obsolte is not nice. If they keep up the speed releasing new content we might loose many many potential new player on the way....
  9. You can just buy as many black sotens as you want out of the central-market. Pick a cheap, avalaible weapon (for wapon stones) or a armor piece for armor stones as +7. Melt it at a blacksmith to get 7 stones. Only thing you lose is the 20k for that armor/wapon piece
  10. Deleting the character will not reset the Amnity, its family wide. @Fury091014 So let me understand. You waved to a NPC by accident and now have 3 Amnity with him which you cant get your head around. I can tell you 3 Amnity is nothing, that NPC is not your friend already or have any more feeling than before. Its the same when walking along in the city and just wave or send a smile to a unokwn person. You did this just out of normal comity. No strings atached. If you see that person the next time he dont expect anything more than the first time. You can even ignore him in the future totally and it would still be ok. Hope this helps you a bit.
  11. Just a little correction. Sinister Energy 2 is high enough to get Absolute Darkness.
  12. I will. But on EU and prolly Alpha if the still want me then. But thanks
  13. I did the starting routine over and over again on XBox and later on PC. Yeah as i said i love Sorc and plan to main it. Just for the 1-50 grind i felt its faster with the Ranger. I wont play him Awaken and prolly never again after that. I hearded about the potion problem but didnt experienced it myselfe, only heal pots were used from time to time when dark red or purple mobs in between. So dont Panic, i will be a Sorc ... soon 😉 maybe already on the second day when 2 friends join and i will experience all quests in their own speed (they are totally new didnt even play the bata to not spoiler themselfe)
  14. Sounds awesome, i fell in love with the Sorceress and plan to make it my main but will start out with a Ranger for fast headstart grinding sessions. Do you think anicancle will be possible with the XBox settings? Cant wait for your XBox specialised combo videos 🙂
  15. Thanks for the long answer. So i guess we just have to agree to disagree. Dont know how many different games you played before BDO but if BDO is not what these 3 words initialy state then they simply dont exists at all 😉 The EOS example, yeah DLC costs money, thats still just $25? In BDO you can spend TENS- or even HUNDRED TOUSANDS to build you a Superhero ^^ I really dont want us to argue about the whole thing cause i guess since years people are tired of this. My post was just my own thoughts and feelings and also a little beg for to PA to maybe take a step back in the XBox version. I also stand to the point BDO would be the best game every made, but because of this fact it simply isnt. Yeah lets raise the costumes sales alowed per week from 10 (or was it 5?) to 35... if this doesnt convice you then nothing will ragarding p2w ^^ P2w for me is when you can archive in 1 day where others need to farm (grind) a year (not just some hours)
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