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  1. This would be amazing for so many reasons and the nodewar scene.
  2. Yep still a issue for me i even tried linking nodes and whats worse is they dont stack either.
  3. when using a remote storage from your house in kusha you can withdraw items from the linked storage in tariff and everything stacks separately. Also epheria fishing rod with over 100 durability cant be fully repaired the game doesnt recognize it has over 100 durability.
  4. Using a storage container in a city doesn't allow me to un-bank items from the container. and they don't stack properly its all separate stacks. also fishing rods cant be repaired to above max durability.
  5. New stream just recently unlocked partnership application looking to help all new players and chill and chat with veterans!
  6. Im interested! looking forward to the launch weekend ULTIMATE edition preorder. Plan on maining wizard trill dark knight/black knight comes out (as thats that i mained on pc). Going for soft level cap asap. then building wealth while taking territories.
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