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  1. Zaken

    Your Last MMORPG?

    eso but i want to play black desert more. look like better combat
  2. Zaken

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    i have been told berserker is good for pvp. i still can not pick between berserker, witch and ranger friends who play pc told me berserker is one of the best
  3. is this from the beta? i have preordered but the game says it is still not out i am looking for a guild to play with. i have played eso before... did alot of pvp there you look like you want to become the best. i like that. will write to you on discord i have not picked my class yet. it will be witch, berserker or ranger
  4. Zaken

    Delete please

    I watched the youtube clip I'm buying the preorder but in search for a guild Will your main focus be PVP?