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  1. Vext

    How can i P2W?

    I'm not a pretentious toxic tool.... All of the time at least. Personally I've spent on artisans to get more mileage out of my memory fragments hover at the point kzarka hit I had 600 due to prepping from Launch. Bought weight, pets (I'm at t3 x 4) weight and inventory, always have a kama buff active. Gathered 5 characters of energy as much as possible for hards and sharps, used hards for failstacks. Leveled all new classes to 55 for the freebies and collected every event item possible. Grind high value areas when active and AFK fish when not, always making money one way or another. Got reasonably luck on enhancing but bought a lot of costumes of CM for crohns to help where possible.
  2. Vext

    Striker or Sorceress

    Post awakening is the only thing worth considering longtime. Sorc is high risk high reward you'll die if caught in a cc in nodes and sieges, it's a hard class to play to a high level and takes a fair amount of gear at the top end. Striker is easier to pickup and does more with less gear, the skill comes from super armor rotating and takes some mastering however nowhere near as difficult as sorc and is more forgiving in nodes/sieges. If you have a ton of time to invest in learning and gearing sorc is really rewarding, if you enjoy striker and have a little less time or just want to feel less restricted in sieges/nodes then striker is solid
  3. Vext


    I'd only really replace accessories with TRI and even then the only really cost efficient long term investment is witches earrings at TRI as those will last longer than any others. Shultz belt and neck at cheap and relatively solid choices however with Valencia looming it's hard to tell what to invest in and what to save for right now. Witches at TRI will last a long time, 1 RCE at TRI is a decent investment but are rare right now, overall if you're not desperate then hold silver for boss gear until Valencia
  4. Vext

    Sorc forward night crow

    Avoid forward nightcrow in pvp at all costs it's a sure fire way to die, try to move sideways like a crab with nightcrow into storming for the superarmor
  5. Vext

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    Lol you're relying on us not making our own food for buffs most of us have nothing better to do but life skill right now so the demand won't rocket anywhere near as high as it would have done if content came sooner. I haven't bought meals of the CM for 2 weeks and I'm one of the worst for lifeskills in so lazy
  6. Vext

    Sorc nerf

    Depending on where you messaged me chances are I didn't have time to reply I get tons of messages every day and I reply where I can If it was direct on xbox I rarely ever type in game/on xbox so messages go un responded to, it wouldn't have been ignored intentionally.. I don't give out my gamer tag or discord for a reason its time consuming to reply to tons of messages a day and make content whilst working full time and playing in Alpha requires me to stay ahead of the curve.
  7. Vext

    Sorc nerf

    It's been like this for a little while on PC it's a pain for sure but you get used to it, feels worse now because we don't have awakening.. They patched characters to the pc patch which is inclusive of awakenings.. Hope that's a sign of intent on releasing awakening soon
  8. Vext

    Boss fight - really not that fun?

    It's pve content for the sake of pve content they never had any intention of putting much effort into it it's the same for all bosses that's why people always advise there's no pve end game in the traditional sense... Yes it's boring... Shame it's needed to get gear without hoping to buy it
  9. Vext

    Kzarka boss times eu

    Do we have any further information on this?? The 8am was bad hut moving this to 9am and 4pm is just atrocious you have literally alienated the working side of the community something needs addressing on this.
  10. Vext

    Kzarka boss times eu

    These times don't fit the vast majority of the EU it's just a joke the spawns will be for people sat at home with no other commitments
  11. Vext

    Kzarka boss times eu

    Definitely need a decent pm spawn during the week for the working players
  12. Vext

    grinding for Black Stones

    More efficient to grind silver and buy them as you need them
  13. Vext

    Xbox Sorc Guide: Vext Basic Combos

    Consensus tends to be asula accessories and 2 grunil 2 heve with abyssal weapon or Liverto right now.. I've done a few videos on gearing and items to grab
  14. Vext

    Xbox Sorc Guide: Vext Basic Combos

    It's something I don't tend to use even unlocked it has its uses though so glad you've found a solid use for it