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  1. Applications still open currently, after the beta when we'll stop accepting applications until post launch.
  2. Vext

    Ps4 beta confirmation error

    The email isn't needed you're fine, the client will be open to everyone regardless of signing up - just check the PS4 store on the day or just before.
  3. Vext

    For the PS4 Roleplayers

    That brings back some childhood memories! The only thing RPers have asked for is to have a walk toggle, not asked for pve or RP specific servers, or to change the game to something other than it is. Best of luck to you, hope it works out
  4. Vext

    How do u get the beta

    Signup on the website with the email you'll use for the game (your psn account) that ensures you get the pet on launch. The actual beta client will be added to the psn store on the day or a day before, you don't need a code or anything else its an open beta that'll be available to everyone regardless of if they pre order or not. There's no ps+ needed for the beta, it will be needed for launch though. Hope that helps.
  5. Vext

    early download?

    Beta progress doesn't carry over no. The beta client should be available on the 9th with a potential pre load available they've not confirmed this yet though. As for the launch client from xbox experience this was a day or two before headstart.
  6. Vext

    Cross-Platform with Xbox

    There are a lot of limiting factors to cross platform, if it'd not planned in advance its hard to add in as an afterthought. Think of family names, character names, guild names alone and trying to find out who gets what and why. That's just a really basic example of why it's highly unlikely for BDO as a whole, if they do instances PvP that could potentially offer a way to have cross platform aspects like Shadow Arena as you could add a generic number to duplicate names for the period they were instanced. I wouldn't get your hopes up for it happening though overall for much more technical reasons that just names.
  7. Vext

    Can we have the same price for PS4 as Xbox One players?

    The price is the same as Xbox for the pre order, if you're looking now you'll see the current bundles which lack the same items as the pre order and the head start time obviously.
  8. eXile is a 'Hardcore' PvP guild based on the NA Region of Black Desert PS4. The Leadership team has years of BDO experience, playing from launch across PC and Xbox, we're moving back to our preferred console and will be playing from day one of the PS4 release. Based in the EU the leaders have been a part of the top guilds both on PC and Xbox, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our members. The Choice to play on NA comes from a desire to be a part of the largest player base Black Desert PS4 has to offer and due to work schedules the NA siege and node wars times fit perfectly. ------------------------------------------------------------ ::.. eXile is a great fit for PvP focused players who want to learn from experienced Black Desert players and have a competitive mindset and are looking for like minded players to join. ::.. We have ZERO tolerance for Toxic behaviour from our members in any chat channels related to the game and expect all applications to be aware of this before applying and fully read the rules on discord. ::.. Siege/Node war attendance will be required so please be aware of the times these events will take place (8pm NA/1am EU). ::.. To fit in with the eXile player base you will need to be the kind of person who goes above and beyond to progress your class knowledge and gear, who can accept constructive criticism and is wanting to join a guild they can help shape and grow with. ::.. Our doors are open to all applications and are based of your attitude towards the game and our members, as a result previous experience although always considered is not a dominant factor in the application process. We encourage all applicants to be active in the open lobby on discord as this will help us to establish if you fit well with us and also gives you a chance to see if we are a good fit for you. Apply To Join eXile
  9. Vext

    Pre-orders and Ultimate

    10/10 would do again... This sums up what everyone is thinking when we get asked 'which bundle' if you have the cash just do it.... not even a close comparison. Cheers for linking, glad you've enjoyed the content - my website will be live shortly, and im in the process of flooding content and writing written guides to go along with the Black Desert PS4/Xbox One Guides I've already done/will be doing. Ha ha i spend entirely too much time when I should be working, researching and watching content more coming soon.
  10. Educated guess from information I've found out. Similar launch and landmark roadmap as Xbox so same initial classes. However the smaller quality of life changes would fit better into different points in the game, this is whee I think we may see things like 4 new classes and awakening at mediah instead of post Valencia. Will have to wait and see. Also its highly likely the speed of releasing content will increase to catchup to xbox allowing for a unified patch to be obtained by both consoles.
  11. Vext

    Pre-orders and Ultimate

    I'm playing a bit of xbox still but will be running the guild eXile on NA servers for Ps4
  12. Vext

    Pre-orders and Ultimate

    Ultimate all the way
  13. Vext

    How can i P2W?

    I'm not a pretentious toxic tool.... All of the time at least. Personally I've spent on artisans to get more mileage out of my memory fragments hover at the point kzarka hit I had 600 due to prepping from Launch. Bought weight, pets (I'm at t3 x 4) weight and inventory, always have a kama buff active. Gathered 5 characters of energy as much as possible for hards and sharps, used hards for failstacks. Leveled all new classes to 55 for the freebies and collected every event item possible. Grind high value areas when active and AFK fish when not, always making money one way or another. Got reasonably luck on enhancing but bought a lot of costumes of CM for crohns to help where possible.
  14. Vext

    Striker or Sorceress

    Post awakening is the only thing worth considering longtime. Sorc is high risk high reward you'll die if caught in a cc in nodes and sieges, it's a hard class to play to a high level and takes a fair amount of gear at the top end. Striker is easier to pickup and does more with less gear, the skill comes from super armor rotating and takes some mastering however nowhere near as difficult as sorc and is more forgiving in nodes/sieges. If you have a ton of time to invest in learning and gearing sorc is really rewarding, if you enjoy striker and have a little less time or just want to feel less restricted in sieges/nodes then striker is solid
  15. Vext


    I'd only really replace accessories with TRI and even then the only really cost efficient long term investment is witches earrings at TRI as those will last longer than any others. Shultz belt and neck at cheap and relatively solid choices however with Valencia looming it's hard to tell what to invest in and what to save for right now. Witches at TRI will last a long time, 1 RCE at TRI is a decent investment but are rare right now, overall if you're not desperate then hold silver for boss gear until Valencia