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  1. About Us Were Mr_Meeseeks " Look at MEE " were just a casual group of guys and gals playing Black Desert Xbox, We have PC Vets to help with new players. Our main goal is to create a great experience for anyone already playing BDX or new players coming into this great MMO. at the moment were a small guild looking for people who wanna learn and just play stress free, no drama and actually enjoy the game. were looking into node wars at some point for the ones who want to do that. but Primarily were a Life Skill Casual Guild. PvE Daily Guild Missions Boss Scrolls RP ( Role Playing ) Trading Fishing Life Skills in General Dabble in PvP Node Wars ( Maby someday ) We use Discord to Communicate ( Mandatory to join ) Link ---> Click MEEE come hangout on the discord and talk to a officer if u are interested in joining
  2. I'll check those out @Daniel I was not wanting to make a bot but I guess I'll have to. I'll see what anyone else has found also. Thanks guys
  3. I'm going to keep this simple I am looking for a Bot / Bots that do the following for Black Desert Xbox Tracks Bosses Spawns Choose class function ( Assigns Roles in Discord ) updates on patch notes gear related things If anyone knows of a BOT or BOTS that do things like this please share. i been looking all over for one. Thanks for any help guys and gals
  4. To bad @Beond went crazy and kicked everyone. Blood is no longer a group guys. Go to work for 3 days and **** goes south..... Kinda sad had allot of time and effort into blood
  5. Hello, I'm a PC main was their in KR and on PC launch I have the bdo ultimate package pre ordered and I'm ready for a good pvp guild. I main wizard and zerkers let me know if you want me. I have a vast knowledge of the game and plan on having high gear lvl fairly quick. Thanks
  6. Hello, as many of us I'm from PC. I played way back in KR and was their day one for PC launch. Here I am again on Xbox launch day. Ultimate edition has been or ordered looking for a good guild for pvp. I main wizard and zerkers. I got discord thanks guys.
  7. Hey I'm interested I'm a PC player from kr. I main zerker and wizards. Have allot of experience and in Xbox version I'll be mainly pvp building my toons. Got discord. Hope to hear back. I have the ultimate edition pre-order
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