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  1. It's a pointless feature that just gets abused. Why do we have it?
  2. 🤜 <Vendetta> [EU]🤛 **Now recruiting active PVP players. We are a Semi-Hardcore PVP Non-toxic guild, winning 5/6 nodes a week. We are looking for all types of PVP players, new or experienced. If you have a love for PVP, join us!** *Vendetta are open for merges. If you want to become a top tier guild, message me* ✅ ⚔ EU Guild ⚔ 100M a week pay outs (5 mil max daily pay outs) ⚔ PvP/Node wars ⚔ Guild Missions (For silver gains) ⚔ Scroll runs ⚔ World Bosses ⚔ All Guild Buffs Active ⚔ Friendly, supportive guild to help ALL members ⚔ PVP Training ⚔ Discord Join our discord and check it out to see if **<Vendetta>** is the guild for you. *Please note when you join the discord you will be put into a lobby that messages disappear when you close the app. To get hold of someone, please message an admin or officer.* https://discord.gg/79uVqVZ
  3. Any reason we are unable to promote an apprentice to officer now?
  4. I’ve tried everything. Even demoting officers etc. I’m unable to change for ALL players.
  5. I'm not getting any error messages when renewing contract. Only setting allowances...
  6. Yes I’ve checked all of that. Still with the issue
  7. Currently an issue with allowances
  8. Anyone else getting this error when setting allowances?
  9. Has anyone worked out how the pre ordering works? Ive pre ordered items before my mates and they sometimes get the item before me?
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