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  1. The settings to hide other adventurers (10+) are great but I have to turn them back on ALL THE TIME. On Login, Switching characters, switching channels it's really frustrating these settings don't set globally and stay how I put them or just default to on. The Xbox One S and PS4 both have a really hard time running this game in multi character situations. Can we please just default these to being turned on so I don't have to manually check it every single time I swap?
  2. Mediah Merchants Union Helm This one was my bad I had the quest and didn't realize it Derek's Light Leather Shoes Was able to complete this and get the Black Abyssal weapon after I did the stuff at Sausans which was a real pain without Ultimate Castillion's I hit 55 last night and went around to all the npcs outlined here , talked to my black spirit, double checked I had all the pre-req quest complete (I've done all black spirit quest pe-Mediah. Are all these quests missing and/or broken? Up untilnow the Black Spirit/story quest line has always had me quest geared enough to take on whatever area it sends me to, but now I get sent to Sausans and can barely kill 3 of them in a laughably long amount of time. I stepped off from the story and spent the time to grind 55 so I could take all these quests to gear up but they simply are not there for me. I'll try the Black Abyssal Weapon quest when I get home from work today, but I expect that's missing/broken as well.. Beia's Black Magic Gloves Ultimate Delphad Castillion's Carnage Primary Weapon The gloves quest is still broken for me, I did the awaken black spirit line and every quest I could find in Tarrif I have all quest show enabled but still no dice. The major problem for me was either missing or just never being given the Ultimate Castillion quest, going into Mediah with 90 AP was real rough.
  3. Logged in a few days later and had no issue progressing, didn't crash anymore.
  4. Last night I was playing my 49 wizard through the black spirit quest line and encountered a bug at the point where you the game teleports you into a secret area when you step up to a door inside the shadow knight cultist area. I was teleported in, fought the mobs until the cut-scene started and then the game crashed. I repeated this a few times and then gave up on the quest but when I tried to leave the "move you into secret area" modal box kept popping back up so fast I was unable to move away from the door and was thus trapped. I cannot access any other menus because of the modal nature of this popup so that character is permanently stuck, he can either stack there repeatedly pressing B unable to get away due to the delay in allowing movement between boxes or can go into the secret area and crash again. =/ I'm playing other characters but getting him out and fixing the quest eventually would be nice. Xbox One S Not overheated or hardware stressed. I'll link my account on here as soon as I figure out how to do it, couldn't find the info anywhere.
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