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  1. is this in the right spot? vell isnt on xbox one yet @Razuvius
  2. The waypoint doesn't take you to a place where you can interact with it. I ran back and forth and didn't see anything at least. I got on to play today however and it's magically complete. I logged off over by trolls if that helps anyone...
  3. Prior to yesterday's maintenance relogging would work. It no longer works and this quest is not finishable.
  4. I was in the middle of playing and my client just closed. I tried loading black desert back up and I get this error too. I have never asked for a refund and I've bought tons of pearls. Can we both please get some help? Edit: After attempting to get back online 10 times and failing each time the 11th time let me in.
  5. Having same problem and trying to switch servers or characters is getting hung a majority of the time which means you have to force close and go back thru this error. -.- If you get past this screen it's a 50/50 shot of being able to choose a server.
  6. Whenever a guild quest gets an update to show something was killed/gathered it causes the UI location to reset to the start position. If in inventory it goes to the top left, start menu it goes top left, trying to view/scroll they quests it goes to the top, trying to accept a quest from an NPC with multiple quests, trying to view guild members. I don't think this is the only thing that causes the UI to reset like described but it is one of the most notable especially in kill quests with multiple people helping.
  7. Bump. These issues are still happening in the early access version of the game. Just leveled cooking to almost skilled 3 before realizing I wasn't getting cp turn ins. This is the biggest of the 3 issues. You can see the durability of a tool if you go into placement mode and zoom in but it'd be nice to see it an easier way.
  8. Managed to finally log into Serendia 1. 15 min lock out on servers when not being able to connect is bad...
  9. I was playing just fine, went to character select screen, and tried logging onto a fresh level 1 i already created. Game hung so I force closed it but now I can't log back in to any character or server. Tried 3 different servers with 15 minute wait between each. It acts like it's going to work and then I get a generic "disconnected from Black desert servers. Please try again." I submitted a ticket as well.
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