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  1. figured out the problem, it doesnt work while in a active node war/siege area
  2. loging out and back in also does not fix
  3. when you get the title "stormtrooper" the lightning animation that goes along with it stops working once you move and never comes back
  4. You cannot move your camera while using the skill, which means one of rangers main skills is allmost useless. cant hit a target twice EVER if using the skill in a sideways motion, and god help us all if the target moves at all because then your shots are locked to one spot and one direction. make the camera moveable while using the skill so we can aim! this is crazy that such a core skill of ranger was overlooked like this and cause not to function properly. for testing purposes if the CM's dont know how to use the skill you do LMB + RMB + the direction you want to go, you should be able to say start shooting left and turn your camera to follow your target, you cannot now
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