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  1. Trying to transport some stuff from Calpheon to Heidel but the cargo ship just keeps going back and forth, its not dropping the items off at Heidel and i can't cancel the transport... I tried making an account on the main website to submit a ticket but the website won't allow me to make an account as it wont proceed past the account creation page to the email authentication....the dev/gm support for this game has felt extremely lackluster with no in game support.
  2. All things considered, with english not being my primary language and typing this up on mobile, I think im doing pretty good. If you have a problem with typos and grammatical errors i would recommend stearing clear of the english port of this game however...especially if single letter typos trigger you that much.
  3. Yall be like Who am i to judge...im the one sitting here reading with my fingers crossed.
  4. The only experience most devs have using the jaguar architecture is for xb1 and ps4. Additionally this is Pearl Abyss's first time developing anything for xb1 and as a result, likely their first time dealing with the jaguar architecture. There is a reason the game has taken so long to be ported to xb1. The minimum specs for pc as i mentioned earlier are significantly low. -4 gigs of ram -A 0.5 teraflop gpu roughy -A duel core processor clocked at 2.9ghz (you can get 9-10 year old processors that meets these requirements) -27 gigs of space The xb1 has -8 gigs of ram -1.3 teraflop gpu -8 core processor clocked at 1.75ghz -500gb min for most users So we can conclude that xb1 ultimately has far more total compute power than the minimum specs for the pc. It has 0.8 teraflops of overhead, 4 gigs of ram overhead and assuming the user makes space any xb1 should have the space needed. The problem lies in the cpu (which still ultimately has far more total compute power than the minimum specd cpu). 8 cores x1.75ghz(speedpercore) =14ghz of total compute power vs 2x2.9ghz (speedpercore) = 5.8ghz of total compute power The issue with the xb1's processor is its low clock speeds across all 8 cores. Additionally it is another indication that it was originally designed as a mobile processor ( again, something most devs are not too familiar with). The reason porting BDO over to xb1 is challenging is because they have to optimize the game (and likely the engine itself) to operate across 8 cores at a minimum clock speed of 1.75 ghz when the game itself (and likely the engine itself) was designed to operate on a minimum of 2 cores clocked at a minimum of 2.9ghz. This means tasks performed by the cpu like Physics and A.I. (just to name a few) need to be redistributed in a way to account for the lower clock speed. If something could have originally been deligated to a single core operating at 2.9 ghz, that same task may now need to be redistributed across two or potentially three or even all cores due to the fact that those cores are now operating at 1.75 ghz. The issue being that if some of those tasks were originally designed to operate on a single core than one might experience significant issues deviding that operation across multiple cores (major bugs). Like i said, there is a reason the game is taking so long to be ported to xb1 and if the architecture was something p.a. was familar with, it would have been out long ago.
  5. You are both correct and terribly wrong. Yes the xbox one cpu is based off the x86 architecture but that doesnt mean anything. Several mobile chibsets are based off the x86 architecture and are designed primarily for use in mobile devices. The intel atom processor is an example of such a processor. The processor inside the xbox one (and ps4 and ps4 pro and xbox one) is based of amd's jaguar microarchitecture. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguar_(microarchitecture) "It is used in AMD's Semi-Custom Business Unit as a design for custom processors and is used by AMD in four product families: Kabini aimed at notebooks and mini PCs, Temash aimed at tablets, Kyoto aimed at micro-servers, and the G-Series aimed at embedded applications. Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One use chips based on the Jaguar microarchitecture, with more powerful GPUs than AMD sells in its own commercially available Jaguar APUs.[2]" The processor was originally designed for use in tablets and notebooks. Its was only later in its design cycle that it was redesigned for use within a broader range of devices like the xb1 and ps4.
  6. Entirely agree, but to be fair forza horizon 4 is an mmo aswell(although admittedly nowhere near the same scale as bdo). Additionally i feel people underestimate how well optimized BDO is on pc with all things considered (visual fidelity, custom engine, small team etc.). The game has been designed to run on an extremely wide range of PC's from low end to high (likely to appeal to widest range of the market). For example, I know people who play this game on pc with 8 year old duel core processors with only 8 gigs of ram (i believe the minimum requirement is only 4 gigs of ram) and they are able to achieve a consistent 30 fps with some minor adjustments to resolution and graphical presets.These same machines wouldn't even boot a game like Forza Horiza 4 I have seen people run the game at 60 fps on APU builds (ryzen 3 2200g) that don't include any dedicated graphics card (these machines are roughly on par, if not slightly more powerful than your standard XB1S), mind you in many circumstances the resolution was sub 1080p. The moral of the story here is that although the 8 core mobile processor in the xb1x is dated and not the sharpest tool in the shed, it is significantly more capable than people let on. The majority of issues surrounding it (and the ps4/ps4pro/xb1/xb1s's extremely similar/identical processors) come down to a lack of optimization for 8 core mobile cpu's. In other words, these cpus often arn't utilized to their full potential as developers don't have much experience working with them as they were originally intended to be mobile chipsets.
  7. Yea, thats what leads me to believe the framerate was unlocked with 4k off. The framerate felt extremely variable throughout my entire experience. I wouldn't say the framerate induced anything close to a negative experience, but i definitely noticed dips bellow 30 and surges above 30. I will say most games that i play, i play in first person perspective and as a result i may be less sensitive to lower framerates in 3rd person games as is the case with bdo. I have a alright gaming pc with a rx580 8gb, which is roughly on par with xb1x (just the gpu, overall the pc is likely more powerful than the xb1x because of the limited cpu in the xb1x like you said) so i am slightly a stickler for fps. That being said it felt like they scaled back in other areas like draw distance and texture quality; also the way the game streams in assets, enemies, npc's, and other players, appears to prioritize framerate which is why i think players are experiencing so much pop in and why pop in is so common for the bdo engine in general. In any case i wish i had tried the game on my OG xb1 as well as that would have allowed me to have a better understanding of how the game "feels" under normal circumstances vs on xb1x. I do however believe that 60 fps at 1080p with a possible dynamic resolution scaler is possible for a game like bdo on a system like xb1x despite its cpu limitations. If the game can push native 4k on the xb1x with a 30 fps lock, there is very little reason why it couldn't achieve 60 fps at 1080p aside from a lack of optimization. One need only look towards games like Hitman 2 and Forza Horizon 4 which are far more demanding than bdo.
  8. Hey Namus, i was actually quite curious about this myself. Additionally i would have liked more than just 4k on or off as display options (perhaps a toggle to adjust brightness :P). In either case, i turned off 4k quite early. I played for the first 1-2 hours with it on and the last 20-30 hours with it off :P. I would argue that it "felt" better with it off but again i have no way of knowing if that feeling was just a placebo that was enforced by the fact that the beta ran extremely poorly early on when everyone was in one location and the servers were being hammered. After the first few hours the game itself smoothed out which is when i turned off 4k. I do think that 4k locks the framerate to 30 fps with dips bellow that and 4k off unlocks the framerate but we still see drops far bellow 60 in many circumstances which is why its hard to tell if there is a major difference between the two modes. In any case some clarity from the dev team or Simon would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Ill be buying day one for xb1x. I hate to see that some people are getting enforcement notification and others had issues during the beta, but with that being said, i had an amazing time. Im hoping MS is able to acknowledge their mistake with all these enforcement notices going out and we can move past this prior to release. If you have been active on this forum from the start or if you take a look at some of my previous post, you'll see ive been very critical of this games development and the community managers lack of communication. Although many of the complaints i have are still present and i do believe better communication is necessary, i couldn't help but have an amazing time throughout the beta. I couldn't put the game down to save my life... I had 2 issues within the first 1-2 hours that were quickly resolved. The first was the massive lag, but once the servers balanced out and players weren't all congested in one location, things were significantly better. 2nd, i couldn't figure out how to leave parties, this issue was frustrating me to no end, but then a message in world chat from the GM explain in detail how to leave party and the importance of customizing your radial menu's. Once I fully understood the concept of the radial menus and how they could be customized, the game just "clicked" for me. I started understanding the combos, i started understanding the world. There wasn't one this in this game i did, i didn't want to do and didn't ultimately end up enjoying. I found myself seeking out menial tasks (crafting beer, hiring workers, buying property, fishing, etc, etc, etc,) that I would otherwise ignore in other mmo's. I didn't feel the urge to min max or make it to the "end game"... i just felt like i was in a world that i could explore and master at my leisure....and i guess ive never entirely realized how appealing that can be. I still have my issue with the games development, Pearl Abyss's core philosophy regarding microtrans and CM_Simon's lack of communication. I went into this beta wanting to hate it so that my concerns could be validated and i could move on with my life after having waited for what feels like an eternity for the game to release on console. The reality however, I loved what i experienced in the beta, and look forward to experiencing it again in the full release.
  10. It would take little to know effort to address my conerns...additionally it would require the release of 0 information regarding the game....you mentioned that he would begin repeating himself eventually but perhaps he should be repeating himself rather then just be radio slient. Something as simple as " I hear yah man, its sucks that we can't say more at the moment but believe me when i say I do plan i doing my best to engage the community moving forward"...i dont need an apology, explanation, information, etc. I would just like him to address something that could be interpreted as discontent on this forum so as to demonstrate that conerns are not to go ignored and that the creation of an echo chamber is not the primary goal of this forum. Take for example the PUBG xbox one community manager...by no means perfect but gets the job done and constantly repeats the phrase "optimazition is still our primary concern". Comments directly to disheartened users and assures them their conerns are being addressed without releasing any information regarding how. Simon doesnt appear to respond to any discontent regarding the game or conerns. Its as if he would rather not address those topics so as not to bring attention to them. This is not how one manages a community, this is how one isolates and alienates a large portion of ones community. Its not like im the only one conerned about this game on this forum and the direction its community is heading (especially when one considers the PC side of things and reflects on the mismanagment of the past). Like i said before, my concerns have essentially nothing to do with the actual content of the game but rather the management of its community. If Simon as community manager cant address conerns regarding the game (again without releasing any info about the game) prior to its release at what point after release will he then be able to address future conerns? In other words, if this is how they plan on treating their community prior to release, what makes you think they will treat the community any different following the games release? Because from one ive read with regards to this game on PC and Pearl Abyss in general, they have a history of not addressing their community and actively do things that damage the community. The community has to protest in game to have conerns addressed...2018 protest.... Is this how we can expect to have our concerns addressed on xb1 as well? Because it looks like were going down that road.
  11. He responds to about 1% of posts directed towards him and only responds to questions that have nothing to do with game...things like "how you doing today simon!" -- simon: "doin great yall"...his existence on this forum is essentially useless, hes a mouth piece and not much else, he has failed to engage the community in any meaningful way (this doesnt mean releasing info about the game, it means engaging the community in a meaningful way, making us excited about the game instead of cynical about pearl abyss.....just take a look at the majority of posts on this forum.... Many of these posters didnt start this cynical but instead have reached the limits of their frustration.) This shouldnt happen when you have a community manager doing their job...like i said, that doesnt mean releasing info ahead of expectation or sucking up to the community....Simon didnt post a thing for months after his initial introduction despite implying he would be a frequeny contributor...something i would still argue, he is not.
  12. And the award for worst community manager in gaming goes tooo........
  13. Simon is the worst community manger in game.
  14. Hey Simon, I saw your interview at E3 and was happy to hear you say that you would be engaging with community members here regarding some of our potential concerns/questions about the game.Speaking of community engagement, i was curious how you felt about my previous post regarding the concerns i have surrounding the lack of community engagement we have received as of late. My Previous Thread
  15. Posted this back in early May Link This is pretty much what i feared. If only the beta had been announced to the community earlier (perhaps by a community manager who actually engages said community) and the e3 conference was exclusively a gameplay sizzle real, perhaps that would have dampened the blow.... ...Instead we all sat around for months waiting for E3 to roll by just to hear anything about the game we've all been excited about for years now.... ...and the news we all waited for ????? ....the news that the game we all expected to be playing this summer in some capacity has been DELAYED..... ...but they cant even say that, they have to spin the situation by saying "BETA COMING THIS FALL" .......As if we all weren't expecting the full release sometime this summer..... ....this is what happens when you have no community engagement and allow said community to create their own assumptions. another quote from a responder to my post from months ago "Dova" Im not sure if the reason for delay was sufficient...i have however noticed you liked this current thread Dova....so I imagine your just as disappointed as myself. I don't want you to think im calling you out or anything because that could not be further from the case. If anything your post made me optimistic, i understood where you were coming from and was subsequently becoming excited for E3....Although the Xbox camp did get some good news today, i can only put the BDO's segment on my list of disappointments. Thats not your fault, its the result of zero community engagement.
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