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  1. Was there a poll to what we voted as for the most requested classes to come out next that the Devs are following? If so I would like the results.
  2. Ok thanks guys. Yea I just ignored all quest and leveled.
  3. No one plays Red Battlefield? Is this the case or am I just playing at wrong time.
  4. Dumbledore

    Better gear

    Been struggling. At lvl 50 with 33ap and 65dp. How do I get better gear and what gear to upgrade?
  5. Same with me. I have a longer wait than you as my mains are Mystic and Tamer. Sigh
  6. 4k if you are exploring the world and life skilling. If your pvping do default Legion. I believe you can interchange to your hearts content.
  7. So true Rok. The packs do have monetary value but not for me personally as I dont need most of what is in the packs. I prefer buying exactly what I want depsite even if I will pay more. I dont want to be forced into getting a version of a pet or outfit I dont want.
  8. You guys have all been talking when the game was already released. The game was released today at 12am PST.
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