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  1. @Dova Thanks for the info...yeah sucks getting the game a month late...hope I still get my pet and you get your contest rewards.
  2. i'm in Australia, game only released here a week ago but I reached level 30 during the beta...have put tickets in for other probs but don't seem to get a reply..thought I'd try here for an answer.
  3. Has the free pet from reaching level 30 during the beta been given out yet because I still haven't gotten mine?
  4. Game got classified (M) on the 21/02/19 in Australia.
  5. I personally hope they keep the game exactly like the pc version. I have been waiting a long time for this game to come to console and would be disappointed if they changed it to appease the minority. If people want to change everything about the game then they should find another game to play, BDO is obviously not right for them.
  6. There is plenty of pvp in this game..wait for node wars and seige or do some rbf...the game has pvp and pve..to remove the karma system would make the game totally imbalanced...there are plenty of ways to get your pvp fix.
  7. I've put tickets in and have this post on the forum here but still haven't had a reply from either the developers or a CM...if I have a reply to my latest ticket I will post the response here on the forum.
  8. Still haven't had a response to this thread from a CM or somebody from PA..very frustrating..game has been showing as the menu header on the New Games tab for 6 days on the Aus store but is still unavailable to purchase...would be nice if someone could confirm an Aus release and a timeframe for it please...Have been trying to get a difinitive answer since first beta.
  9. @WeAreLegion thx for the reply...I have seen this thread and the responses still don't give me an answer...I have been trying to find an answer since the first beta..some of the CM's are saying they are working hard to get it into the Aus store as soon as possible and some are saying no..keep getting conflicting answers.
  10. so l know people have already asked this question but the answers are confusing...CM Shirna said the game would only be available to the EU/NA regions..so my understanding is Australians would play on the NA region servers..therefore will the game be released on the Australian store or not...I noticed the game got classified (M) here on the 21st Feb 2019
  11. I am in Australia and switched to the US store to pre order the game but it wants a US address when I try to use my Card or Paypal so I don't think changing regions is an option for card or paypal..not sure about gift cards
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