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  1. Spawned 815 utc +1 , 3 hours earlier then it supposed too
  2. Upon using ultimate fierce strike after some skills such as Frenzied destroyer last hit(double axe smash) Ultimate fierce strike does 0 damage in pvp. Its like the skill doesnt exist Ruins a few of our combo's in pvp. Could you fix this
  3. Me and other guildies have not receieved the valks cry from the level 55 reward. Some people got the valks whilst others did not. I didnt get any valks on 55 lahn, will update when striker gets 55 if i still dont get any. Anyone else not getting them? From the enhancement help kit, it supposed to give u 5 valks cry
  4. Ran pretty well on the one x , dipped too 30s but thats expected with that many people in one place.
  5. Cool, could you update this thread when you get some news please?
  6. They changed it to 9am 4pm mond wed friday? Thats even worse now your completely eliminating daytime workers/school
  7. The working playerbase getting shafted by these boss times, anyone who has a job and works during the day will miss out on 80% of the kzarka spawns. These players normally buy pearls thus support your game. Can we please get atleast some of the times changed for the Monday-Friday spawns. Just 1 spawn per evening will be a supporting change.
  8. Striker is good yes but easy enough to counter with grabs and outplays. Going to see alot of bad strikers on xbox
  9. Would you like some salt for that burn
  10. MixtaMike

    Skill Guide

    The basic forward rb actually does alot of damage, even in pvp it does alot. I sometimes just FD buff into lava/storming beast, smackdown , undertaker, then BW/Storming then just forward auto. Normally kills lower hp classes I have more complex combos for higher hp/group fights For PvE just use FD for ap buff , raging thunder then forward auto. At this stage in the game thats all you need to grind
  11. Can you let us put emergency escape on a radial menu, its literally impossible to use. It requires you to press LT+LB+RB+RT+A Instead of it going off you end up doing every other skill you have its really frustrating
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