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  1. Hi Shirna! First, I'd like to apologize for NOT knowing how to use emotes in-game. -My toon kept kneeling and rising, in front of you, while I had fiddled with the controls! /smh Btw, I too had played BDO on PC since launch. Gotta say that THESE drop rates for BDX are far SUPERIOR! Less crap; less trips to town to unload; less fiddling with INV. Have the mobs drop LESS junk and provide better gear; but, it's also true players will have more continuous fun with less interruptions. While it also may be true that Pearl Shop purchases for weight allowances might be less, but you shall have happier players; MORE players due to quality of life improvements; and a tons of good will. Marixi P.S. Shirna, next time, I will KNOW how to wave!
  2. Hi all, Mine locked up at 99% too with a load screen and nada! Will reboot and see. Marixi P.S. Game restart worked!!!
  3. "Sold my ps4 this month and bought the Deluxe edition of Black Desert and an xbox live gold with it, just no Xbox one lmao..." Okay. Right now, (I just checked) a used XBOX One console at GameStop is $169.00. I also spoke with the store manager, and he'd claimed RIGHT NOW, if some guy brings in a PS4 for sale, they offer $200 in-store credit or $140 cash. That $200 in-store credit would get you that XBOX, PLUS the Black Desert BASE GAME. You can snag a trial XBOX LIVE membership, too. /shrug So, color me stupid; but, WHY did you buy the $100 Ultimate version and XBOX LIVE GOLD when you have no machine!?! /smh No offense, but that is (imo) silly! Marixi
  4. Hi all, Personally, I am AMAZED that folks are complaining about TOO MUCH content, too quickly! /smh In most games, single player or MMO, players gripe about NOT ENOUGH content; and can often only look forward to forthcoming, promised DLC. BDO has had a steady stream of content, regions, QOL improvements, tuning and patches since its launch. Now, BDX shall benefit from all of BDO's earlier patching, improvements, balancing and more. Logically, know that there are MORE potential console gamers than now exist PC players. It's highly-likely that BDX shall also lead the way for developer progress. Sure, a PS5 version shall be forthcoming; a revised new XBOX-Next version, too; but, as far as MMOs seem to go, BDX shall have more content, more variety, more stuff to do AT LAUNCH than the majority of MMOs offer after years of development or at their sunset! One thing we do know, regardless of content release schedule, players can directly control WHERE they go and HOW they play. Being concerned overmuch with what everybody else is up to, will likely hinder YOUR fun, even from Day One! Another item of choice is HOW each player chooses to level, grind, frequency of play, guild choices, etc. In BDX, there will be many ways to achieve personal goals, fast or slow. Thing I discovered rather quickly in PC BDO, those players that RUSH through the game soon discover that their HIGH level means little when fighting some mobs or trading, etc. KNOWLEDGE plays a key role in how fast your toon can level; where it can conduct trade; which NPCs it can even chat with. . . . Knew a guy that had rushed far up the level-ladder only to discover that his toon was functionally ignorant within the game world; knew little about the mobs and bosses; couldn't carry on a convo with many NPCs, and didn't get their quests or discounts either. . . So, he had to go BACK to the beginning and have his toon RELEARN the game! Fwiw, if those players that power level only wanna do PVP; then, they're missing the real game of Black Desert. -Imo, they should go play a MOBA instead.
  5. Well, only you can really answer that question. Yet, if you like the very best character creation tools in any MMO to date; if you like a H U G E expanding world that can take many, many months to visit; if you like action-combat as opposed to TAB target; if you like ancillary activities such as life skills like farming, fishing, crafting, etc., and you like exploration, taming of animals, trade, etc. WHAT's not to like? In fact, BDX when it adds all of its current PC iterations, shall be the largest, existing MMO to date with the best graphics, most stuff to do, world PVP with sieges and more. . . Is their GRIND? Heck yes; but, YOU control how you play; where you play; with whom you play: You can play how you want; so, if it sucks (for you), then good luck finding something, anything better! Marixi
  6. Wow. Cosmetic gear won't help with time-spent or other factors. You will need a TON of silver to afford anything beyond your free donkey; which is ass, pardon the pun. Maybe you can train animals. Maybe not. But, for sure, WITHOUT the Ultimate Pack, you will GRIND a lot more than everybody that has opted for one; PLUS, you shall start days later, which shall also put you well-behind those 24/7 asshats that play nonstop! Marixi
  7. Hi, Convince you to upgrade? /grins Look, I have played BDO from PC launch. Now, it shall be in 4K on a huge-a** TV, rather than a smaller monitor. Point of fact, aside from fanboi enthusiasm, the EXTRA goodies in the Ultimate Pack are far better, imo, than the lesser stuff found in the lower-priced packs. Permanent horse flute? Better tiered horse! The world, even at a smaller scale launch, is H U G E. Unless you plan to autorun or wander aimlessly, then the better-valued gear from the Ultimate Package shall be worth its weight in time, alone. Marixi
  8. Hi, Logically, if the X can load faster, render faster and deliver 60 fps at 1080 P; I wonder how that hardware improvement will scale during PVP? Marixi
  9. Hi all, Since launch on PC I have played BDO. Now, with BDX, I plan to use an XBOX Elite controller, if allowed. Questions are many; but, to begin with, can we reassign ALL the buttons to enhance play? And, (probably more important) shall having MORE buttons and toggles permit an advantage during PVP? Marixi
  10. Hi Gutlag, Played LOTRO for years as a ranger and loved it. Here, though, I wonder about AGI and the speed factor. Lots of hopping about, which I don't personally relish. Is it fun, tbh? I shall try it out; but, my main on PC had been witch.
  11. Hi all, Played a TON of Witch on the PC. It's great and PVE can be a stroll; although, the higher ya go, the more glass cannon you might become, IF you cannot learn your combos!
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