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  1. NAMELESS Guild currently open for recruitment. Seeking active PvP players Xbox NA. Requirements Witch/Wizard/Zerker - 450+ All Other Classes - 475+ Must be able to use discord ( Join Calls, Keep up with Announcements, etc...) Must plan on participating in Node Wars and Guild PvP ----------------------------------------------- Combat Trial will be a requirement for everyone. Reply here with character name, lvl and a picture of your Gear Score. Thank You
  2. Bacon

    Wiz PvP Talk

    Its all about the timing really, A really good wizard will have his teleport timings down and be able to move and groove.
  3. Bacon

    Wiz PvP Talk

    Really Depends on your gear, ive won plenty of 1v1's definitely excels in small group tbh. Have had some good 2v6 4v10s
  4. Bacon

    Wiz PvP Talk

    I have been making use of a nice combo. Freeze - Fireball Explosion - Blizzard > Multiple Magic Arrow Finisher It has been very effective. Any Wizard PvP thoughts?
  5. EarthQuake / Lightning Storm / Blizzard can be effective between main rotation cooldowns.
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