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  1. You'll find the best info for everything here https://discord.gg/tsSvKsG for stuff now and for way way later to help you plan ahead. Go to the #guides section. https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/724/bdo-guide-witch-wizard-pre-awakening-basics This too for ease of access.
  2. I'm a fairly experienced Horse Trainer on BDO for PC and I've trained hundreds of horse in the time since PC's launch of BDO. I enjoy helping new players get into horse training, breeding and Racing. So it's very disconcerting to see how badly the mini game has been implemented in Xbox launch. The mini game needs to be revised BADLY. I am generally one of the people in the camp of "git gud noob", but this is basically impossible. You have to guess before the mini game even pops up either A or B and guess the number of times to smash it and maybe 1/20 times succeed. There is absolutely no viable way to play and succeed at this mini game to train your horse in any reasonable amount of time. Reasonable to me is sitting there smashing Instant Accel or Drift or Sprint into a wall for 15-20 minutes to go from 15% to 100% trained. I'm fine with the mini game being challenging but the bar needs to either; show up sooner and pause for a second to allow players to prepare or preferably and more then likely be slightly slower as it starts to sway up or down so that you can react like in the PC version. This is absolutely unacceptable for players wishing to train horses full time or to train their own personal mount just once. It needs to be adjusted immediately before players are dissuaded from participating in this particular life skill and hurting the rest of the community. Horse trainers make a large portion of the regular players able to obtain high tier and properly skilled horses. If no one wants to train, no one gets good mounts more or less. ~MaimeSenpai
  3. It does happen occasionally but it's not as commonplace as you'd expect it to be, at least on the PC version. With Pearl Abyss actually controlling the game instead of Kakao like on PC, this may be less of a problem especially with how hard core the Chat Filter is on xbox as it is.
  4. So, I'm going to have to give you some bad news again I spect. Firstly there are "dungeons" but they aren't instanced so players pvp and compete for the spots at said dungeons. The bad part of said dungeons is that dungeon is a very loose term really its just an underground area where you'll be grinding a rotation. It's just as lame as it sounds unfortunately. Raids are also not a thing in this game. However there are scrolls and world bosses which are relatively close to a raid. Lastly there is absolutely no way to game the market for profits... at all. period. There is a taxation of 20% WITH the Value Pack from the pearl store(can be bought off the Market Place from other players though) and without the VP the taxation is closer to around 35%. With the Minimum and Maximum price limits also mostly controlled and kept within a certain margin of each other, one can only assume they did this to dissuade market gaming and force grinding of some form to make gear score gains. Sorry fam I can only emphasize on researching games before you buy them like someone said above. I know that these are all really against the norm of most MMO's at this point but thems the brakes homeslice. ~MaimeSenpai Edit: I would like to stress that all those things aside I would really encourage you to at least try out the game for a while. You may find you enjoy it and can look past the draw backs of this game that you were looking for.
  5. ^ Exactly this. Your wife hasn't aquired the knowledge on Norma yet, that's your problem.
  6. First off, no there is not a chat function to control what you see yet, it will come though its in the main game. Secondly welcome to BDO fam this is the community of open world PvP and PKers. If you think chat is bad? You will hate how your treated post lvl 50 when PvP is a constant threat to you. Sorry thems the facts. This isn't a snow flake friendly game for lack of a better expression.
  7. This is my last reply to you since you really can't get off the same ol same ol slurs, it's boring. Now it's not cute, it's just sad. Your Runescape experience doesn't interest any of us since you're so old, mature and experienced oh great sage of trollery. Homeboy that ran out of things to do ran into the same exact problem that I did and its not a big deal honestly just walk away for a bit until more content is released, continue to do what you were doing the entire time of your pc career building capital for better gear yada yada or help new players to catch up and pvp the days away. He meta gamed on an extreme level just like I did because he has a wealth of experience, 2 years worth in his case, so he ate through the small amount of content that lasted original players when the game first released a much larger amount of time. That's what happens when you meta game. Period. End of story. Edit: Just thought I'd add this. I know so many games where people drop 60 bucks on like 20-60 hours of content games, so this guy burned through his first 50 and he has a huge amount of hours of content on the way. It's just a matter of time and he'll get his monies worth.
  8. Lol still continuing the trolling. It's cute really. The fact remains that you haven't added a modicum of contribution to this thread besides the insulting of everyone with millennial and fan boy. I'm happy to see that you could increase your repertoire of insults with dumb fortnite no brain pew pew kid. I'm a perma red player by the way I haven't gone positive since I hit lvl 60 on pc haha and im lvl 62 now. The game has a number of social aspects to it that will keep people with an attention span that's longer then a fly's busy for much longer then a few months folks, that's all you need to know at this point because everyone else has given relatively decent response about it by this point.
  9. You pretty well reinforced everything I said by the end of that with the added "it's just repititive" like that isnt every mmorpg ever. You also contradicted your previous statement of and i quote "End game is just PvP". Your just repeating fan boy and millennial over and over to everyone that has a solid argument or different out look on repetitive while in all honesty either being said millennial or a 12 year old who got beat up by a mystic one to many times while farming carrots right outside of Hiedel. "Way to go on not being adult enough to respect different opinions. People please ignore what this fanboy says." The irony of the above statements being said by the same person in the same statement astounds the mind folks.
  10. I've honestly wondered how they're going to solve the mass pvp problem that's going to arrive because the xbox is such a potato when it comes to this game haha. At least i didn't sugar coat the game is Heavily PvP based there's no ifs ands or buts about that. I think I satisfied what the OP asked to the best of anyone's ability to answer that question. I mostly wrote that novel to dissuade people from believe Mr. Troll of The Year and his poor opinions on content
  11. This doesn't apply to accessories since they really only go to "+5" pri-pen
  12. It's called an artisan stone and in no way does it guarantee upgrade, far from it actually haha it just lets you try to smash your stuff more often for upgrades. Nothing in this game guarantees upgrades that's why you cant really call it p2w.
  13. It's not required press LT and it turns cron off.
  14. Lol your ability to troll is peerless man. People please ignore what this plebeian says about the game. While the social aspect of this game can be flimsy at best sometimes, that is not true about the game as a whole.This is a Player versus Player oriented game and should be treated as such. The social interactions you get in this game range from the time ol Veteran teaching the newbie the ropes of basic game play (because even the basics of this game are extremely in-depth) to the major coordination required to siege war at 150 v 150 players. Aside from the pvp social interactions (GvG(up to 100v100), Node war(up to 100v100 times as many guilds drop on a node that night), Siege War(up to 150v150), Red Battlefield(up to 20v20), Team Battle(up to 5v5)) there is also life skilling parties where you go out whale hunting together with your friends, pre-formed group, PUGs or what ever. Vell is a large scale whale hunting world boss where you play together with friends on a big boat you built that you use to ram stuff and fire cannons at the boss or sea monsters. Hunting parties for bosses such as Khalik. There's also grinding parties for later stage "end game" areas. If you actually get involved in the game the social aspects of the game aren't actually lacking. As for "running out of things to do", now that's a real crock of **** hahaha aside from what I just listed above the life skilling in this game is a whole game of its own that you can sink 100's to 1000's of hours into and still learn new tricks. Horse Training is a prime example of one such part of the life skilling content, learning how to catch horse, what each horses stats and skill tree could be, breeding these horse together to make stronger faster more bad*** looking horse with cool skills like flying(this is a t9 dream horse called a Pegasus). Hunting with a matchlock rifle with you and your friends for sweet sweet loot. Processing materials you've gathered into trade items and trading said items across the world for insane profits while your friends protect your wagon from NPC bandits that damage your goods. This game is NOT lacking in any way content to keep you entertained I guarantee you that. I've listed a number of things above (that's not all of them either) that's socially interactive and entertaining, that will keep you busy for years quite literally. There is a grind quite obviously, it's a Korean MMO people, but after you finish your grind there is so much and more that makes that grind all worth it. ~MaimeSenpai
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