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  1. You got to be kidding me Dr INFeRNO. The fact that you think fish only sell for average 500k is where you fucked up your math. I fish the from epheria and make no less than 600k per fish and push 700k for sea bass and eye spotted puffer if I can get them off at 100% freshness with 130% at the trader. I don't trade unless I'm over 125%. Go do some testing and you'll find you're just a jack ass trying to argue.
  2. This will help you tremendously https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-gear-progression-guide/ There are so many guides online. Google is going to be your best friend when it comes to this game. Look up a guide for your class after you look through the guide I just posted.
  3. Its crazy to me that people sit here on the forums arguing about stuff like this when its clearly stated in the patch notes that t5 have been added to the wild.
  4. 6pm pdt is 9pm east coast. That is in no way early. Gotta cater to the entire NA server, not just west coast
  5. Pre orders are random. You can put in a Pre order on a kzarka with 100 Pre ordered b4 you and get it the same day, or you could wait 3 weeks. Its rng
  6. And what is the pre req for that quest? I've done every single black spirit quest that I can. I'm level 55.
  7. Read somewhere I need to be 56? Currently have all the black spirit quests done (besides until we meet again) and haven't gotten any quest for upgrading my dim magical armor or for the arena quests needed for the abyssal gear. 55.46 right now. Gonna grind it out and see if anything changes at 56.
  8. Glad to see it's just a bug and not something I was missing. I messed around with that quest for well over an hour trying to figure it out.
  9. Go look at reddit and the official site. Its announced everywhere that its mediah. 10 more minutes !!!!
  10. Game sharing has more or less been confirmed not to work.
  11. I must have just learned sinister 2 while I was trying to figure it out. I figured it was because I didn't learn back step. Appreciate it man.
  12. I unlearned my skill points in Dark backstep and Absolute darkness is working again. They use the same button input.
  13. Enough digging, and you'll find it. I've sat on the phone with Microsoft support for hours
  14. The hold LS back and RT command is on 2 different skills. I just reset my skills and didn't learn the skill that was overlapping my absolute darkness (forget which one it was). Now my absolute darkness is working again and im not missing the skill that I removed the skill points from. They just need to change the command for one of the skills. Until then im happier with absolute darkness.
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