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  1. Hello @CM_Valtarra, I would also like to add that the 4pm and 10:15pm PST times for NA aren't that great for those who work in the afternoon (which are a lot of young people).
  2. yes but we'll get more servers, just like PC...
  3. I have noticed this too, especially with archer. But it happens to all of my characters, witch, sort, lahn, striker, shai, warrior
  4. @[CM]Shirna@CM Trent Reported this guy a few days ago for linking a script for your game. He still has it up.
  5. So we have 5 classes left, that all happen to be the female equivalents LUL. Intended?
  6. Damn, wish I was this spoiled to throw away literally hundreds of dollars.
  7. Doubt ranking will come out on Xbox since our character is tied to our gamertag
  8. Bravo

    56 onwards

    thank you thank you
  9. Bravo

    56 onwards

    what happens and where do you go once you to to 209?
  10. I wonder if it's true though. I feels like, I can feel when a bell is active + hot time. It wouldn't be the first time something was worded incorrectly.
  11. I would wait to get an official answer before investing money.
  12. just report the post as spam
  13. are there mods in this forum? how does jason still post when he just harasses?
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