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  1. Hello, I think moving garmoth to guild boss will hurt solo players/small guilds. I myself am the only one in my guild (with buffs) and I’m sure there are others out there. Joining a GM guild would mean I would lose my current guild, something that was talked about by Shirna on this past stream. Why not leave it as a WB as intended? With the current situation, it will allow big guilds to out preform small guilds/solo players. It’ll hurt many of us. My other complaint is the direct nerf to cooking/alchemy. Condensing the byproducts to one doesn’t out weigh their benefits. We were given the cp byproduct late into the game and taking it out now would make it unnecessary harder for lifeskillers. Please reconsider these changes. Thank you
  2. Thank you PA for finding a reasonable and fair solution. I want to especially thank the CMs for making this a top priority. The CMs heard the community and stressed our concerns. My faith in the CMs and PA have been restored.
  3. Stay on topic please. Let’s practice some much needed empathy as well. How would you feel being in our situation?
  4. Sorely disappointed if this current ‘solution’ goes live. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on my characters only for them to be stripped of their identity. I will 100% quit if I cannot keep all my names. I know my husband will be happy if that happens; I’ve also need a reason to quit. Don’t mess up, PA, for your sake.
  5. Hello @CM_Valtarra, I would also like to add that the 4pm and 10:15pm PST times for NA aren't that great for those who work in the afternoon (which are a lot of young people).
  6. yes but we'll get more servers, just like PC...
  7. I have noticed this too, especially with archer. But it happens to all of my characters, witch, sort, lahn, striker, shai, warrior
  8. @[CM]Shirna@CM Trent Reported this guy a few days ago for linking a script for your game. He still has it up.
  9. So we have 5 classes left, that all happen to be the female equivalents LUL. Intended?
  10. Damn, wish I was this spoiled to throw away literally hundreds of dollars.
  11. Doubt ranking will come out on Xbox since our character is tied to our gamertag
  12. Bravo

    56 onwards

    thank you thank you
  13. Bravo

    56 onwards

    what happens and where do you go once you to to 209?
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