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  1. It’s not like I have given up yet or I wouldn’t be here, it’s just disappointing to see PA communication on the issues, or lack there of. but at this point I have nothing and it’s a waste of time even logging in. Anyone would be annoyed if they bought a faulty product and had no explanation or even a response from the supplier. Its just bad business
  2. I found sometimes it would take a while to load once you have enetered your residence, try waiting a minute or 2 inside then try.
  3. I’m assuming then that your amongst those not being affected by the game breaking bugs present, might be whistling a different tune if you were.
  4. It’s on the main page not in the forum section https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com
  5. I’d be happy with just bug fixes, if I see new content/ store items from the greedy buggers without fixing these game breaking bugs. I’ll be refunding and giving up on bdo.
  6. I have 2 tips for you 1. Don’t use bank to store your silver(unless you want it to vanish) 2. Do t use the central market place at all(unless you want that to disappear to)
  7. Almost at that point myself tbh, early access games have been released in better condition then this.
  8. You need to address your communication skills, multiple threads in bug reports describing game breaking bugs with no response from a member of your staff . This is being poorly handled and honestly it’s terrible customer service. Also the ticket system needs a tune-up, sending in ticket to only receive a generic auto response which haven’t resolved my problems, results in the ticket being closed. To which I’m forced to send another ticket and start all over with a different person. Would it not be easier for us to reply to a already open ticket and we tell you when our issue is resolved? Makes more sense to me... Each day since release has brought to light more bugs and issues which should have been addressed in beta, put simply this game is at alpha standards and was not ready for release, honestly this is quite disappointing and I hope these issues with both the game and communication are addressed as at this point we seem to be going backwards. I paid for a game that was in full release not early access. I expect and deserve better as a customer. I look forward to your response.
  9. Can we get an update from PA staff(beyond a auto-respose)? A game we have paid for is currently unplayable due to these bugs with storage and central market.
  10. Just add it to your wallet on the us region and use in game pearl store to purchase.
  11. Just got a reply to ticket saying relog and it’s fixed and I should have my items back. I relogged and lost all my stuff again and nothing was restored. It’s a waste of time me even playing at this point I have like nothing left....
  12. Did they mention how long?
  13. I put in a ticket, you guy should to. Hopefully they can sort it out sooner then later
  14. Feeling a bit that way myself at the moment, quite a game breaking bug
  15. And seems like if I add anything to the wallet then relog it wipes my wallet
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