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  1. i finally found the stream where they say they INTENTIONALLY NERFED FLAME BUSTER SPAM for zerker. @CM_Valtarra @CM Trent @GM_Hexe @GM Grana @GM_Calpheon @CM Valencia Guys, this nerf was un-necessary and we kindly ask for you to revert this so called FIX. NONE ASKED FOR THIS "FIX" AND THERE IS NO REASON WHY THIS WAS IMPLEMENTED BEFORE EVEN HAVING THE CHANCE TO TEST IT OUT ON THE LIVE GAME. You need to have FB shoot from hotkey, so we can still have some relevance in large scale PvP. Zerk is already a class that is gimped on console due to not having the possibility to mouse move many skills. 100% Giant Leap is the other big NERF we suffer in large scale due to no mouse movement. We also need the ability to rotate the camera view while healing. WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR OUR CLASS !!
  2. I've been doing NWs, Sieges and RBFs since the start of the game. I already had an Xbox1x before starting the BD journey. I have a 10-15ms 4k TV on perma game mode and trust me: It is not MY HARDWARE It is the game that just fails to render the enemies, barricades and whatnot. And i play on 1080 "performance" mode from BD settings, im not a life skiller, i dont care about the view. Im a PvP player and i'd do anything to improve the on-screen rendering. When we do node/siege and move with the ball, we approach the enemy base, we all start to walk to let the game render the barricades and **** for everyone. The amount of time you get attacked by invisible players is too much to count. And it doesnt only apply to NW/Sieges. The other day i was at Basilisk on Arsha and there were a total of like 10 people fighting on the node. After getting killed, when i respawned i immediately went back to the road where the fights were happening, and also in that occasion, most of the times, the enemy took litterally 30-50seconds to appear on my screen. Thank god at least the damage indicator is responsive...
  3. I think, before balance and buffs (like a very very very welcomed 2secCD i-frame like warrior's Head Chase or a skill change to subsitute the 4 grabs on a 2 CC system) we should aim to get the same ability as PC zerkers. One step at a time, and im fine... It's well known that PC zerker have a big role in large scale PvP when it comes to Qbuff and 100%GLeap. On our side, neither of those 2 skills are viable in large scale. Make FB actually shoot if used from hotkey (you know, how it actually says in the friggin skill description) Make 100%GLeap have all his damage concentrated if you use rb/RT to land. So if i want to travel i deal travelling damage and landing damage in a line, if i want the damage on a spot, make it so the rb/RT imput, concentrate all the travelling damage into the landing damage. Then work on class tweake
  4. They said they were gonna publish another road map mid july. I guess it will be revealed on the next stream on July 24th.
  5. TBH, that berserker was top tier trash. Not one single block, not one single double grab combo, not one single stiff...
  6. Well, it looks like i have been banned from BDX discord despite the fact is have HARDLY EVER posted anything in that server. I only used it for patch notes/announcements, IDK why was i banned from the sever. WTF is going on ????
  7. BTW the game came out 2 months ago, not just one...
  8. Staypunk1989


    well, i remember hoppin on your mixer stream during your last siege on saturday. IIRC you have like 317 DP and 14x AP. This might be a good build for medium/large scale PVP due to higher survivability, but you lack damage, a lot of damage. That build is good for bodyguard role / mage+ranger stalking, but you'll never be able to bypass pot healing with that kind of AP and it will be hard to kill anyone on the same gearscore in 1v1s. I'd suggest to switch to OROS knot to increase your AP. To answer your question, i'd just make TRI Witches x2 and TRI Red Coral x2 (or wait for the crescent rings that'll come in 10 days) + TRI Gladiator Belt and neck and you'll hit 200 AP and 260 DP
  9. What do you mean by "Since you can make infinite armor stones for 200k each" ? How do you MAKE stones
  10. What bothers me is the desync/lag. I go in and stun them with storming beast, they are stiffened, i get close to grab, and they slide away WHILE STILL BEING UNDER STIFF CC.
  11. https://bddatabase.net/us/item/4410/ check the option "Dropped by NPC" below the map
  12. Do they have to be the same tier to be able to be fused together ? I dont really know how it works beside the fact that Event pet need event pet and classic pet need classic pet. Do i keep the pet levels that i inted to upgrade, does levels matter for the pet i intend to fuse ?
  13. You recommend using Mark of shadows, Mesto earrings and IDK which necklace you suggest. 2 MoS + 2 Mesto + Treant Neck gives a total of: 26 AP + 24 acc. No damage reduction, no DP, no HP. Asula 5 set gives +20 flat accuracy which is 4 less accuracy than the build above...BUT in total you gain : 39 AP + 20 acc + 7 DP + 7 damage reduction + 350 HP Look at the picture and tell me if you prefer: option A > Asula option B > Your recommendation Are you really suggesting to LOSE 13 AP, 7 DP, 7 DR, 350HP in favor of gaining 4 accuracy ???
  14. Until we meet again is not related to Dim Magical Armor quest. Its a bugged Black Spirit main quest.
  15. During the beta i was not able to server switch to the Realm where Kzarka spawned on Sunday. The server was too busy and it just wouldnt let me in. It would do all the loading and then a pop up message said "Disconnected from the server". Loggin into any other server was no problem. Only the dedicated server for the spawn was un reachable.
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