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  1. Of all the things PA needs to desperately address in this game, I can't think of anything less important than rushing these 3 classes that are already on the gd roadmap you're going to get your broken / fringe / weirdo classes soon enough chill
  2. I rate servers by how busy they are, and they're not very busy. I've played BDX EU since launch, and I played PC for over a year through server merges. Right now EU feels more stale than my pre-merge server did on PC - and the siege scene is objectively less active. I don't really want to litigate over the terms 'dead server' or 'empty server' because that's kind of dumb, tbh, and I didn't use them in the first place. I'm still playing here, so it's clearly alive enough to keep me around. All I can say is the server isn't that active based on what is honestly a lot of experience with the game. I'd like to see it get better, and it's not impossible, but it probably won't happen without PA taking some kinda sorta bold steps to make the game more approachable. I continue to hope some of the issues will sort themselves out as more players become comfortable with bdo end game, but PA needs to do more, and what they're doing they need to do a little faster (not regions or new bosses or anything, but improved UI, facilitating multiplayer interaction, and just a better console port tbh)
  3. I play EU. I'd prefer to have an active server too but that's not reality. Just look at the new kama event if its not painfully obvious. The EU tier 3 reward requires less servers than the NA for their tier 1 (4 vs 6 channels). NA probably has twice our pop, if not more. NA More than, 6 channels: All Life Skill EXP +50% after the next maintenance. 8 channels: Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) 10 channels: Energy cost 50% off for Patrigio’s Secret Shop after the next maintenance. EU More than, 2 channels: All Life Skill EXP +50% after the next maintenance. 3 channels: Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) 4 channels: Energy cost 50% off for Patrigio’s Secret Shop after the next maintenance Not gonna pretend I know what the solution is, and just to nip it in the bud it's not like having a lower pop than NA is the end of the world, but if you've played PC you know that EU BDX isn't exactly hopping (ever joined a random / unplanned / non-guild RBF? I haven't). Here's to hoping though.
  4. It’s easy to test in game everyone who pvps knows the system is the same. Not controversial lmao.
  5. not even that unless you're negative karma, which only happens after you flag up and kill repeatedly makes sense that the muppets crying about pvp in a pvp game would also be proud leave voters
  6. we have the PC CC system already
  7. majority of your sockpuppets maybe. majority of everyone else playing this pvp game are fine with pvp.
  8. you got absolutely destroyed in your own poll. an overwhelming majority clearly wants PvP. /thread
  9. Of course BDO is p2w. It's blatantly p2w. that hasn't been a question since like 2016 before stuff like artisans, valks, outfit melting were added. Anyone arguing that this game is 'pay for convenience' at this point is just delusional or an extreme noob. You can argue about the scope and actual day-to-day impact of p2w. You can argue that the pricing is so extreme that only a small % of the population will be able to leverage it fully. All that is fair, but the game is what it is - and that's clearly p2w. To the OP's point, of course they could tone it down and still turn a very healthy profit. With profit margins like theirs that's a given. I even think they should - and think they would make up some of that 'lost' revenue horizontally across a broader playerbase. However, if there's one thing I have faith that PA does well it's count their own money : they probably know based on their own data that they would lose revenue by toning down the cash shop (and this is not a company that willingly loses money, ever). Case in point : the guys who paid for PEN yesterday - in one day alone - probably netted them more $$$ than 100 casual players would with their monthly value packs over the course of a year. That's one single piece of gear. These guys will spend more in the future, and have spent plenty already. Add in the minor whales (guys with 4x t4 pets, 10+ maids, who have bought 200+ artisans, etc.), and the numbers get even more ridiculous : they can't pass up on the heavy hitting heavy spending outliers because that's literally where all their money comes from. The casual playerbase only interests them insofar as it adds more bodies to the game to act as NPCs for the heavy hitters to smack around. That's a cynical view, but I'd bet good money this is reflected in their numbers. tl;dr - nothin's gonna change because PA doesn't leave money on the table, but I agree that it could and probably should be different in that it would lead to a healthier and overall better game experience for everyone. If and only if the game population drops so low that whales stop spending will they rejig things. Until then, it will be business as usual.
  10. i think gabrielz is right. crescents, gahaz, fogans etc all val 1
  11. tbh I'm glad ppl take this stuff seriously. I'm desensitized and jaded from too much time spent around these clowns and their enablers and probably wouldn't have taken the initiative myself.
  12. chat filters by category ability to block individual users pls and yesterday
  13. "just ignore them" is a shitty non-solution. 1. It's fundamentally unrealistic to expect the majority to change their ways and simply not react (to whatever) just because you say so. It's logically much easier to deal with the vocal minority of a half dozen rabid racists than trying to change behavioral patterns of thousands of people. 2. For this reason, anybody proposing this as an actionable solution is either just dumb, or out to feel morally superior. Either way they're not interested in solving the problem, because what they're suggesting is fundamentally unrealistic and unachievable. Pipe dreams are not how you solve real problems. 3. This is somehow only ever something ppl say online. IRL most ppl understand you can't act like this and therefore don't, and if someone does happen to go full on racist I never see anybody getting high and mighty with the whole "just ignore them they r trolls lul" bit, because deep down they know that's not actually a real approach to the problem. 4. Ignoring hateful bigots doesn't make them go away. That's a total fantasy and history has shown as much time and again.
  14. On PC, kakao and PA mostly ignored this kind of stuff, or only enforced their rules weakly. Leveraging Microsoft is your only avenue here IMO, and I encourage you to use it and raise there issue loudly with them. Playing on a platform that is not controlled by PA is the one reason you guys can hope for a resolution here. fact is that seeing super hateful racism day in and day out normalizes it, when it should not be normalized or tolerated. End of story.
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