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  1. @CM_Valtarra can we get an update on this? I have now gone 4 days straight fishing 10+ hours a day in Valencia city throwing away green fish with 0 relic fragments? Is this meant to be or no?
  2. I can speak for over 20+ hours of fishing in Valencia city on abundant and I personally haven't received any ancient relic shards. I dont know if kts just decreased drops since the hot time ended on last patch, or if it is broken because of events. Just my experience.
  3. This guy... If you dont like the game and say it's dead then why the f are you posting on the forums. Too funny.
  4. I am not one that normally asks for compensation but this is BS. PA doesn't add any servers and are causing people to not be able to do boss pops because of it. I don't spend hours a day playing to miss out on your very limited world boss spawns.
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