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  1. I keep losing items somehow. I went to bed and was AFK fishing and had 3 Witches earrings and now i have 2? This is getting ridiculous. Also the storage has major issues too, it throws an error all the time saying No Item when i try and move things from inventory to storage or storage to inventory. How do i submit a support ticket to get my **** back?
  2. Oldschool here as well and I literally said the same thing while playing the first beta lol. I knew right away I was hooked when I looked up and seen the sun coming up lol.
  3. It will also help clear up some areas for grinding. Some of you that aren't able to grind in certain areas very efficiently yet will be able to as those that are advanced will be moving forward. Another good reason is aiding in kickstarting the market and economy.
  4. Releasing a new area will literally hurt nothing. It will actually help in many ways. People are going to play at thier own pace regardless.
  5. The black spirit hates me is all I'm gonna say...
  6. Patch notes? Or there is none because you decided to release some content early? Like Dark Knight👍😉😁
  7. I keep mine out all time as I want them to level and I dont want to have to keep checking, shouldn't it just work?
  8. I have 2 weapon skins. Do the others that come out take up two slots? Maybe I'm confused on how it works. My uhh undergarments take up slots as well.
  9. I know when a set bonus is active it shows in blue but I'm not getting the 8 piece bonus? I have the Karlstein outfit equipped with the weapon skins. I also have the undergarments equipped along with an accessory which makes a total of 9 slots taken up, shouldn't it be blue?
  10. I'm not sure if you can or not but I bought two sets of undergarments and neither one shows under my Outfit, if I select it, it only shows the undergarments alone? Is it supposed to be that way? Seems pretty stupid if that's the case. It would be nice to see the leggings on my Sorc that I bought.
  11. I watched the stream and they said they are aware and are working on it so that's good.
  12. Im pretty sure you can tame a wild horse anytime as long as you have rope and Sugar. I would like to know how to trigger the quest though. If you go to Conversation it might show you what you need to Unlock that quest. Sometimes it's Amity, sometimes its Knowledge or Favors.
  13. Can you guys please confirm that console will be getting more parameters to adjust and change in our Settings menu? I feel like we are missing too many setting options that we really need control over. I know PC has a TON of them and here on console we have very little.
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