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  1. I went to the Kzarka fight for weeks on Ranger and got seal after seal. Changed to a Witch and I've now had two boxes. One at 8am (lower player count, fight took 10-15mins). One at 6pm. (high player count, fight took 5 mins). This has been discussed before, several times, like many other things in this game, it's a dice roll. I'm all for these 'Boss seals' if it takes some of the RNG out of the equation. The sooner the better IMO.
  2. Step-By-Step Guide To Arguing With An Irrational Person Avoid intentionally pushing their buttons. ... Use evidence. ... Point out logical fallacies. ... Argue about your ideas (not each other) ... Use 'we' rather than 'You' or 'I' ... Respect their points. ... Apologize when you are wrong. ... Know when to drop the argument.
  3. You're asking how can this game be seen as pay to play. Last time i looked there was no way to purchase a value pack in game. This would make it RELEVANT to this conversation. I put my hand in my pocket for a value pack. The benefits are too hefty to ignore. Just go ahead and put me on your ignore list too. 👌
  4. Nah just curious. Do you play this game without a value pack?
  5. Good day Adventurers, I'm in need of some advice regarding my character. I main Musa and it is sitting at 180/245. Currently in full asula accessories. I know i need to improve my armour but which accessorises should i be aiming for? Witch or Coral? Mark or Guardian? Which necklace, which Belt? I'm not the richest, with 500m liquid silver to invest. Where do you think my efforts would be best concentrated? Any and all input greatly appreciated. 👍
  6. If you read the whole thread you may notice a 'lol' in my original post indicating it was a joke. Instead of trying to prove one another wrong can we unite in appealing to the developers...Consider opening additional servers?!
  7. That's the number of people in general population, not Black desert players by region... A simple google search.
  8. EU has 7 servers in total. Balenos-1/2 Serendia-1/2 Valencia-1 Calpheon-1 and Mediah-1. Not sure how many NA got. I'm off to look into the general population numbers of each area. 👍 EU 508 million bodies NA 327 million bodies. Something wrong here. lol.
  9. This discussion is not about how the game runs. It is about server capacity being tested daily since the game has been offered on Game Pass. Servers have gone from being crowded on a Saturday and Sunday to being Crowded every day of the week.
  10. Baws has also made its way into gaming slang for Boss but i think we all know it's not BossDeep. I'm more concerned about the constant/rampant, Xenophobia and Homophobia i see in chat Daily. If you read over the updated ToS. It's really a bandaid over a deep cut with the bone sticking out. 14 day ban for three offences? It's a joke.
  11. I knew i should have stayed logged in while getting dinner, I usually do!
  12. In tonight's stream Gm_Shirna stated that they were on track with the published road map. The road map says before July we will have awakening. iirc. (not seen it for a while). This gives them a few weeks to get it out to us on Xbox.
  13. Call for attention or not this sort of behaviour in chat should not be allowed to fly. I'm pretty sure it breaks Microsoft Policy. I've been suspended from live for a lot less than what is clearly displayed here. If we had access to peoples gamer tags believe me this guy would be gone almost instantly.
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