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  1. I reached out to @[CM]Shirna about Australian players not being able to recieve beta rewards because of our delay for getting the game. He said he was looking into it. Sadly I'm in the same boat as you DeVoid. To make it worse I even won a beta contest and was gonna get stuff for release. Hopefully we get either compensated or we get the rewards.
  2. About time it finally released on the Au store. Shame that aussies that didn't wanna pay overpriced missed out on the shudad armour set.
  3. I'll be disappointed if we miss out on the pre-order bonuses. But sometimes that's just how things go.
  4. In the qna faq they've said that they are currently working on getting the game available for the Australian and New Zealand store. As to when it'll be done I couldn't say but it's coming though.
  5. Dova

    2 days

    If I had a dollar for every person who said this. I could probably pay for the preorder 3 times over.
  6. Dova

    2 days

    Since we can preorder on the 7th my guess to the release is either end of Jan or first week of Feb.
  7. Dova

    2 days

    We'll find out soon enough I guess. Personally I'll be disappointed if it's not available because of all the delays that happened last year.
  8. Dova

    2 days

    Well Monday is either gonna be a happy day or a disappointing day for me. Hopefully it's purchasable on the AU store.
  9. Never said people weren't upset and I can certainly see why they would be. But for now, at least me anyways I'm going to hold out one more week considering TGS could possibly be when they announce the release date. As a side discussion though, with games that aim for that market you're talking about they generally have longterm monetisation planned. Release sales aren't going to have a huge effect when people will spend their money on the game regardless. Sure people wanting to take time off work is a thing but for a business model such as this you'll want people to always feel more inclined to spend and making it harder to schedule for time off work is what the business model hopes as it'll lead to increased 'catch up' spending.
  10. Yeah it would be nice to recieve a formal statement from PA but then again they're probs under the heat trying to push for release. Best thing we can honestly do is wait and see what happens. Getting upset will only make things feel worse.
  11. So I had a thought... The Game Awards is coming up next week on December 6th and perhaps bdx will get the release date announced then. My reasoning behind this comes from Obsidian entertainment who Microsoft purchased this year, and will be revealing their new game they've been working on. Since we know MS will be showing at least one new exclusive that'll be available sometime later, then perhaps bdx will be given its release then as a way of saying "while you look forward to this game sometime whenever, play this other game called bdx on our console starting from (insert release date here)". If this is the case then bdx will get the publicity it needs along with the official release date. Hopefully this might happen if not it'd be a wasted opportunity for MS and PA.
  12. I'd like to play the game and enjoy what it has to offer.
  13. The first class I'm hoping they bring out after launch is Tamer, although I hope they can release certain classes at the same time. Lahn looks really fun as well though I'm happy to wait a little bit before playing her.
  14. Dova


    If the game isn't here by 15th of December it'll arrive in 2019. Hopefully tho we get it before Decemeber 15th.
  15. Dova


    If only this was true 😂😂
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