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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one swapping main attack to one of the triggers lol. I went with RT. They really dropped the ball on where they placed ranger abilities by default on the controller. I refuse to play claw!
  2. With the increase in evasion, bronze is better only bc you will be able to hit your targets more. You can one shot most classes with 120ap if you do it right so stacking AP isn’t exactly needed until you have enough acc. this youtuber shows him one shotting people with 300 dp having 120 so. It’s all about landing your knockdowns now. That being said I run kutum for the ignore resist if you can get your hands on one. Also the demonstration might be in part 2 of the video but watch both you’ll appreciate it.
  3. Found the fix myself, you need to finish the practice awakening quests, which do not give you the ability, in order to use it.... hope this doesn’t make someone rage like myself!
  4. As the title says, I’ve reset keybinds, locked wailing wind (since it’s the only ability being used when pressing LT and LB) and nothing happens at all. I’ve relogged swapped characters etc and nothing is working. Other friends are able to use it so not sure why mine isn’t working and they can add it to the ring menu. Anyone else having this bug? Also it says the ability can be put on the ring menu but it is not an ability that is shown for to add to the ring menu I am a lvl 59 ranger with 1100 skill points. Says level 0 needed and 0 skill points and is auto learned
  5. Nappyboy

    Horse menu

    Please for the love of god either remove this, allow for the menus keybind to be changed, an option for us to turn it off or move it to a button we don’t use for our main attacks. It really serves no purpose in the game other then a shortcut instead of interacting with the horse wheel. The automatic feed option doesn’t even work when selected. Mounted combat is completely unplayable in its current state for some classes unless we change all of our keybinds around. What’s worse is that when you do hit the menu you can’t control your horse at all and it slows down to a complete stop making you open to dying. Why did you even add this into the game without testing it is beyond me. Every time a GM comes into chat everyone asks when this is being fixed and no one ever responds or when they do they say it’s fixed but clearly your GMs don’t play the game. Is this even being looked at?
  6. Nappyboy


    It’s broken at the moment you don’t want to play it trust me, and not broken in a good way
  7. Still hoping for a GM to answer on anything related to this
  8. Yeah I thought with scaling UI that would fix this but it was worse they just made a screen fit lol
  9. Bump... do GM’s even read these?
  10. Pretty much as the title says.. I really don’t have a lot of buffs on but it completely covers it and as a ranger it’s kinda important to know how much stamina you got left. I also tried the UI sizing tool in game and it is just horrible. I have to make the UI randomly tiny in the middle of the screen it’s not even a scale.. is this a bug or somehow intended for both the UI tool and the buffs covering the stamina bar?
  11. idk If they are launching with different servers or if they are doing just max channels for the Xbox. If they are doing servers I’m assuming you guys will go to the first one?
  12. Hey guys, hardcore pc BDO player who has also lead NA firsts in Archeage, Revelation Online and BDO. Ex partnered streamer with most Asian MMOs but have given it up bc of time requirements involved. Interested in pvp only and helping develop new players with strategies for pvp. Currently considering Ranger/Warrior until other classes come out. Have discord and experience with hosting servers. Looking for a team that isn’t elitist and is about winning with strategy over numbers. I will not be a part of a Zerg bottom line nor do I want to be a part of a guild who will ally the entire server. Hope we both can be a good fit for each other. Nappyboy#6802 also what time is it launching for head start tonight? 12pm EST or PST?
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