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  1. Hi All! Many of the Xbox EU Balenos Server may already know me under the name of Alessa! I am actually also a full time streamer over on Mixer.com! I am going to be playing alot of this game, and as a LifeSkill main, thought I would take the oppertunity to provide my own indepth look at LifeSkills! Allowing me to answer questions, and help many of you get started on being the next big thing in LifeSkills! I also run community social events in game (Like Daily Fishing Trips, Social Gatherings, and more!) Come check us out over on Mixer some time! https://mixer.com/cptcoggs
  2. Thanks for all the congrats! I am already working on gathering for the Fishing boat! The Grind continues!
  3. I think I may be the first on Xbox to craft a boat! Some serious grinding ahead for anyone else who wants to craft one! Been none stop! (Only hit combat 40 because of the time spent grinding mats and processing)!!
  4. Here is an answer straight from the horses mouth (as it were):- Greetings and Salutation Adventurer, I am GM Valencia of The Pearl Abyss Customer Support Team and I am here to answer your inquiry. I have seen your ticket and read your concern, Please be informed that the error code [BEC_001 / 80070005] is an error code given due to not having the Ultimate Edition, thus, have no Early Access Available for you. Please be also noted that Game Sharing does not work and that you would need to access the game through the account on which you have bought the game with. I hope for your kind understanding regarding this matter. If you have further or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to file us another ticket. Sincerely, GM Valencia PearlAbyss Customer Support Team
  5. So, As a live streamer, I have always had my streaming account and my personal account (And always purchase on the personal). Does this mean I cannot play using my streaming acount/stream this game? I think thats completely out of order to do this.
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