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  1. Mr_Isp

    BDO phone app

    Hey all,. Anyone else getting the issue with the market sector of the app, were it keeps redirecting you to Microsoft Windows server? Its been like this for a few days.
  2. @Elspeth You state "I am VERY upset over the name change and I think PA should rethink this." I'm saying the player that made the name first should have the right to that name as a priority,. I've had my name from the first few minutes of the game going live on Xbox and now there is a chance that someone could take it because the server are merging (Which I think is a fantastic thing to happen for the game and console communities) The names should show as (X1) - Mr_Isp (PS) - Mr_Isp So that the two can keep their name and also be distinguished from one another.
  3. Hey Team and Community, There is a massive issue for the upcoming update for both PlayStation and Xbox players in regards to the name changes. On the 25th of February GM_Calpheon was in Xbox M1 server answering some questions and the name change was brought up. I along with many others strongly feel like this is unnecessary and the easy route. We were told this is to make it fair for both communities... How is it fair that Xbox was exclusive and had access to the game first and people payed for the preorder JUST to reserve their name in-game. I personally have followed BDO for years but never played on pc due to not owning one, BDO came to console and I was very excited... I have used this name since I was 12years old and I'm now 29... I have played games such as RuneScape,World of Warcraft,Guild wars,Elder scrolls,EVE Online just to name a few MMORPGS, I have also used this name for tons of other things both gaming related and not. Now because we are of Crossplay I could be lossing this name if someone takes it, because they like it, want it or just so I can't have it... The only way for me to secure my name is to be the first online and redeem the name change first before someone else(this was stated by GM_Calpheon picture added),. I work 40hours a week and have a family so I can't get on just to secure a name that I already "own" in-game.. Personally I think it should be the person that made the name first should have priority over the other the other person.... Yes this does open the discussion of that not fair on PlayStation players... But that's not Xbox players fault due to they had exclusive access to the game. Now that both consoles have access to the game and are merging together, it's the Xbox players that are suffering and losing out most. A rework seriously needs to be talked about were the person that made the name first has priority,. This goes for all names... Character names. Family names. Guild names.
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