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  1. I wish I knew MS’s customer support number, then maybe this can be settled.
  2. If you read my other posts you will see that me and my brother both went in on it, so I have bought my own copy lmao and it is there fault and no there was no warning, so get off of my post I’m waiting for someone who knows what they are talking about to reply to it. Lmaooooo Maybe a warning for PC but not xbox, sorry not sorry.
  3. For all those who gameshared and was not warned about it not working now you know, clearly had they warned us about this their profits would have dropped halfway maybe even 3/4 but they didn’t say anything and they let you go ahead and spend that money so they can make that bread young buck, THANK YOU FOR TAKING ALL OF OUR GAMESHARED MONEY WE SPENT AND NOT WARNING US SO YOUR SELLS WOULDNT DROP WE LOVE TOU PEARL ABYSS THANK YOU FOR F U C K I N G US OVER ❤️❤️❤️
  4. So let me be clear here, I paid 50 and my brother 50 just so we could gameshare and play early together, BIGGEST WASTE OF MY loving MONEY IN 2019, first you make me wait forever for the release then take my money and deprive me of getting on a game and playing it just like every other game I have always pre ordered, gears 1–5 i gameshared and had all early access, same with eso, same with the division and same with Black op 4 the list can go on but for some reason these guys pearl abyss decide to take your money and say love you and your early access for your friends, So I’ve clearly wasted my time staying up for release and clearly wasted our money as I cannot play but my brother can, no warning was made about gamesharing you should have let the gamers know, what a shame, my name is Justin Rackley and my gamer tag on xbox is “iamJay9619” I expect a GM to reply to this and I also expect a refund, since there is no customer support number I will gladly sit and wait for a text reply from one of your staff who so wrongly did not bother to concern us xbox players about the gameshare bullshit until after we had spent our money, very dirty pearly very very dirty.
  5. Yea, if you gameshared your **** out of luck bro, won’t work at all, I’m waiting on my refund, there is no customer support number this game is getting shittier by the minute
  6. Load of bullshit, I just bought this Monday when I got paid. I want a refund
  7. The game will not let me play, I am not game sharing with anyone I have 1 account on my Xbox and no one has my info, I spent 105$ on this game and stayed up until 2am only to be sitting here until 6 trying to figure out why the hell im the only one who cannot play....
  8. Any idea at all why xbox one is not working I paid 105$ for this and it’s still not letting me play...?
  9. Do you guys plan on doing anything to get xbox up and running tonight?
  10. I have been trying to get on black desert for 3 hours and it has not worked at all, I’ve cleared my saved data, I’ve reset my xbox multiple times, I’ve deleted the game and re installed it, I’ve reset my MAC address, etc the list goes on, when I get on it either says disconnnected from servers or just stay at the start screen saying “checking for updates.” I have not even been able to make a character or play at all yet, the game also has crashed multiple times before even loading up, please help me out, thank you.
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