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  1. General’s accessories are not currently available on consoles yet
  2. I got the exact same reply only I didn’t cancel anything came back from afk fishing to refresh workers to have my craft sitting back at 0 and got told I canceled when I didn’t luckily I was only a few days in but still very poor support
  3. I don’t even log in for the daily rewards anymore, soon as I saw the dark rift rewards were not what was in the patch notes I logged off and resubbed to eso I’m tired of getting half content patches with scaled back loot tables there was no real reason to pull ogre rings power stones from silent dead boxes especially since they listed them as rewards in the rift patch notes i may come back after mystic release or might just wait till Xbox has caught up to pc in a year
  4. I agree just another disappointing patch seriously tamer awakening and a event where I’ll get nothing but Cron stones yet again
  5. Ya it ate some of my items aswell gives a connection to central market error please try again in 3s
  6. Thanks I wasn’t sure if I was just missing something or not I’ll look today after the reset
  7. Is the Enhance your awakening event bugged I’ve taken 2 characters through awakening and haven’t received the rewards or do you actually have to make a new character and fully level it and awaken to get them? if that’s the case kinda sucks my character slots are full and I’m not deleting any just to relevel just for the event either way just curious to know which it is or if I’m missing something else entirely
  8. I’ve been taking screen shots of all this garbage since week one, put in I don’t know how many tickets and I still see it day in day out and only getting worse last week I got on the phone with Microsoft and they had me send them all my ss along with copies of my tickets and pa responses I guess we’ll see what they do about it if nothing gets done by the time my 90 day is up I’ll have them refund my game and pearls bought to bad though great game to be ruined by lack of tos enforcement
  9. Anyone else having issues with bdo right now I log in but cant kill anything does no dmg even to weasels, can’t talk in chat at all, soon as I try to talk to a NPCs I loose all button control I’ve reset my modem deleted saved data reset my Xbox, eso n black ops work fine for me game worked fine for me yesterday I’ve had zero lag issues so far even at world boss
  10. It’s rng I failed plus 1 my fishers with a 20 Fs yet got plus 10 rod with a 0 stack, safe enhance is broken though I failed twice yesterday to tri a weapon with a 50 and 60 fs using crons stones both times my weapon deleveld back to pri, first time I thought I just messed it up second attempt I made sure everything was right and it still deleveld
  11. No the weak ones are for trade not upgrading unless patch notes are wrong
  12. Just tried that as well as deleting saved data, still doesn’t work I’m not the only one apparently it’s being posted in game chat that a lot of ppl are having the same issue No I’m not using a weak one I haven’t even tried farming helms yet
  13. Logged in after update and I have the option to pick either of the Asula rings in my inventory to upgrade but soon as I pick one the other greys out and cannot be selected I haven’t tried earrings, necklace or belts yet since those were in use on other characters
  14. Happened to me a few hours ago, after the supposed mp fix, they said in the maintenance note silver and items will be returned after patch they have till then if I log on and everything’s still gone I’m going through Microsoft for a refund of all the money I spent, really do hope it’s fixed and returned I really enjoy the game first one I’ve played I got hooked on right away since ffxi I like the grind and the fact nothing is just handed to you or done overnight
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