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  1. Saldra en unas dos horas. A las 12:00AM PST. Si despues de eso no lo ves en la tienda, cambia tu region a Europa o NA.
  2. Anders


    Hopefully announced soon. If they don't launch with Valk, playing Warrior till she releases is a good idea. They use the same weapons pre-awakened.
  3. If you are a Kuno/Ninja and losing to Witch or Wizard in PVP you are playing the wrong game. Or you're a complete potato.
  4. Are you illiterate? Let me help you son, what don't you understand? I'm here to help you.
  5. Flow damage variance? Crit Damage variance? You'd have to test it at the very least a couple hundred times to look at the difference. Play what you want, since Awakenings won't be a thing for a while and Witch/Wizard are still the worst 1v1 classes in the game. And the one of the lowest DPS since their skills take so long to commit. They scale terribly at high end.
  6. Cash shop weight does not increase your strength level, just increases weight limit on that specific character.
  7. After the comment on AFK Lifeskill Systems still being discussed, I really don't see the beta coming before November. Black Desert Mobile is more likely to release before console at this point.
  8. It gets harder per level and considerably so after level 30.
  9. Anders

    Meta predictions

    Male Ranger is fully ranged according to the datamine.
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