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  1. Hi am a totally new player considering bdo only played the beta s and need some mentoring/training for some classes of the game (sorc/witch/ranger) am male and preferably play females in the games i play (they so georgeous) am a bit tired playing solo so many online games where it is more fun in a group so preferably only in groups while leveling.... want to play pve fro the most part eventhough pvp are a part of this game above level 50 ( hence the group part ^^) am willing to learn howvt defend myself if it occurs.... pls bare with me 50+ player in age ....^^
  2. Hi am totally new player need to play the classes right and dont want to pvp in general but willing to learn to defend myself .... xbox one s netherlands / holland like to join GamerTag Zaladora oh....realised later you on pc ^^ nvm then
  3. Where must i be to create. A ticket no login on website for support only here so far as i know on the forum
  4. Hello , because of final beta i used my pre order items to see how it would look like assuming its get deleted because of the beta now playing the early acces, and no pre order in the mail does it mean its gone? Because then i woulnt done it in the first place soz pls let me know playing witch level 20 now still no rewards from pre order pls let me know if i lost the items? Dont got the level 30 reward from final beta also
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