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  1. Weird how you're going to bosses and the game hasn't even launched yet...
  2. RPG - NA - Adult Orientated - Seeking Active Gamers! Regular guild events Node War Focused Fair contract offers A fun, welcoming environment PvP and PvE focused Strive to be a strong PvP guild, various practices, events and more to advance our skill. Active Discord server If you are looking for a new guild that promotes positive atmosphere, activity and has supportive guild-mates helping one another, then RPG is for you. PM me and I'll answer any questions you have!! Link to Discord; https://discord.gg/XP6wjhu
  3. Xbox doesnt have any of the QoL improvements yet or Talents.
  4. Yeah, that isn't true. Even further, assuming BDO PS4 follows BDO Xbox, Tet will not be available until after Node Wars has been around for a good month or so.
  5. A bit more detail would be helpful
  6. TBH Shai is in a rough spot right now, avoid it until we see some more QoL improvements.
  7. Great guild! All of y'all should join!!
  8. Nope. I mean paddles. See Scuf controllers for PS4. See Xbox Elite controllers for Xbox.
  9. Sorc is pretty tough to do well on XB/PS4 unless you have a controller with paddles. Can you do it w/o paddles? For sure, but your life is way harder.
  10. Wizard will continue to be my main, but I'll probably dabble in Ranger for pre-awakening shotgun spam fun
  11. Might want to post in the PS4 forums my dude; https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/forum/35-general-discussion/
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