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  1. We look good! We feel good! Bd is one of the most beautiful games on xbox. If not the most beautiful. Blows wow(1996 graphics) out of the water. Sorry couldn't hold my self!
  2. Be greatful that you will be waiting only until June. Others may be waiting until Christmas for their class!
  3. Lanterns were cool. Hdr issues will be fixed probably. In every update I see improvements not in all areas but still. I just a matter of time.
  4. I think original xbox is not releasing anymore and it was a trash machine to be honest. The standar xbox now is the xbox s which has a slight faster cpu but again it's not worth it just get an xbox x you will not be dissapointed. As for your problem try to free up more hard disc space. And always shutdown without instant on function. Maybe buy an external ssd as well I got the the Samsung t5 it's super fast with loading screens. Both hard disc's of xbox original and X are trash. They are only 5200rpm disc's that you find on laptops 14 years ago! Or be patient for xbox 2 which is gonna be a big deal if they manage to pull out 4k native 4k assets and 60 fps.
  5. Reign


    Dungeons is against a sandbox game. Wow was destroyed when they added battlegrounds for example and destroyed even more when people were able to enter battlegrounds through battleground finder from inside the city. This destroys open pvp and as a result it destroyed wow. Now wow is going to release classic wow with the most important flaw of the game battlegrounds. Open world pvp is the real deal. Why do you think people play survival games. It's the tension and adrenaline. Wow classic will fail again just wait and see. Thank God we have black desert!
  6. I would also like Valk but looks like we have to wait maybe after summer. I personally don't play much games in summer time so at the end of the summer season probably Valk will be there waiting for me!
  7. I think most of the framedrops was because of all the skills casting together. Maybe if they reduce the skill effects it would be better. But again there were so many people. To me it would be better if there were only half the people there.
  8. They could just add various night modes depending on the moon level. For example a full moon could have the current brightness and as the moon decreases it goes darker and darker. Way to finally use these items for light I would also like nights to be longer. Nights feel good man! I think this is the most immersive!
  9. Hi it's a method called checkerboard. Many companies tried to make scum of this 4k word. So now lots of games support many game modes. The true 4k is native 4k. If your reduce rendering even by 1 % you are having 3840*2160 minus 1 %.Which is not the native resolution of your a 4k TV and as result you are blurring the picture by 1%. Now 1% may not be visible to some but to some it is. At 3-5% things are getting blurrier and so on! There are also other methods of checkerboard that haven't gotten in depth but if go to your xbox display settings you will see a ycc 224 or something. This is a checkerboard method if I remember correctly. I think the true method is 444 just Google to learn more. Lod level of detail is how far you can see with real resolution detail. On pc you can adjust all the settings in your ini text file if the developer allows it. On console the developers have control of these and they must find the sweet spot between best possible image quality and frame rate. Additionally if you use Low resolution shadows or lighting on high res texture you are also reducing the image quality. Furthermore if you are using 4k resolution but not 4k assets the result is also visible and it looks worse. If you have rise of the tomb raider or shadow of war you can use the various modes and see what I'm talking about. There is a enhanced mode which is checkerboard 4k and high graphics fidelity And a native 4k which is the true 4k resolution but with lower graphical fidelity The incredible stunning results come when you use native 4k resolution with 4k assets which will be the next big leap for xbox 2.Now add to it 60 fps and you have a masterful looking game. But 30 fps still looks good add a bit smoothness from your TV and it becomes smoother. On Oled screens and on pc MOnitors blurriness is even more visible than normal led tvs. Oled screens also excel in hdr its another level.
  10. Loot is based on how much damage you have done and of course luck
  11. Yeah from what it seems the bigger problem with hdr now is when in sunset and at night. But I think they will fix it soon.
  12. Yeah the game resolution has been increased in 4k it looks crystal clear now. In fact it looks so beautiful now like magic and runs great as well(not counting kzarka) Sea waves look clear from distance the sea reflection from the sky looks crystal Basically everything's looks more detailed from very far as it should. I sometimes catch my self just zooming on things.its amazing again. The hdr had also some improvements in the right direction. Still needs improvement in some areas when taking various camera angles but it's a lot better now.I can also minimize a bit this strange instant from bright to dark hdr issue by setting my hdmi range to full. I think with patience bd will become a piece of art!
  13. The new update fixed hdr from what it seems. I tested some regions (need to test more) and looks very very promising. Although I would prefer a bit more yellow sun than the white light sun. The amazing though is that the game looks again sharp and stunning! Thanks bd deserves the true 4k and high textures and not a single pixel less nor dynamic resolution GJ dev team! The game looks great runs great I will report any other hdr related issues If I find.
  14. hope there is a hidden hdr fix in this patch!
  15. I have a constant fear that something will not be clear.... Fear of HDRrrrrr fear of the Daaaark!
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