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  1. You can at least disable the pathfinder with the fairy if the bloom bothers you there
  2. I think players would also buy more outfits if they would see it too and not be obscured because of ui, chat, pets and names
  3. @[CM]Shirna Hello, please add customizable ui, fade-out names and fade-out pets because this works on PC since release 2016 when i started to play ..... It bothers me a lot Thanks MFG
  4. Thx man, this with the browser worked, but for me with edge on xbox πŸ‘
  5. No I try 3 other email's and every time it says your email is invalid??? I make special for this a new email and again "your email is invalid" I don't know
  6. Hello, I wanted to register on the website but each time it says email is invalid .......? I have 4 email addresses trying the same every time, I need this to link my account Pls help me
  7. Once I was lucky and it went to ultimate, the others only on blue but I do not know anyway what ultimate bring?
  8. Are there any skill addons right now? The where from 50 all 2 levels are? I'm on work, I can not look.....
  9. The developers should let us adjust the ui easily
  10. Sry, I thought it means the whole ui
  11. Oh yes I didn't know it but I found this https://m.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2129 3 ways, this is ok but all quests whit one char is nevertheless better
  12. Hi, I am a little sad about the new main Story questline. He cut it feels like in halv, so many cool sequences are now unseen from new players, when the are not talk to the right npc's far from questline! The old main story have so much more interesting spots like saunil etc., starts from the better startpoint in Oliva and the final boss fight against a realy cool bad guy was much better than just Hexe and quit πŸ˜” It's my personal feeling, how do the old players think about it?
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