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  1. I wanted to unite a few topics under a big tent here. I asked a ton of questions before I logged in the first time. I was fortunate enough to find someone willing to help me find what I was looking for. What was that? A detailed layout of every character path. Why would I need that when the Meta and tournaments tell me everything? But they don't. They are math in a perfect environment. They don't account for the human element. What if I told you there might be a better way to build a character? By building for your style of play? I can teach you to build a character most conducive to how you like to play. From there gain the same or greater stats and damage because it's not only maxed, it's intuitive to you. What do I want in exchange for this? Nothing? Promise you will pay it forward. I didn't learn to do this overnight. I've been playing MMOS since Ultima Online. My in game first character name is Kabuk Barcid a Beserker that isn't my main character. Next I'll be leveling a Sorc, a Witch or Wizard either a Ranger or a Warrior. You can add your name under a list off names online. I'll help new players when I level up my characters. I level up slow. So give me a couple of weeks to level them all up. I'll decide on a main. I'm also reviving the Guild Damage INC originally from EverQuest. You will have a chance to learn my alternative leveling method. You will need to be an adult because I do use adult language sometimes in the course of conversation. I discuss adult topics. You will also learn new strategies for group PVP and you will never be asked to login to raid or camp. Play when you play. It's a game. You should always enjoy it. Finally crafting,. If you want to craft the guilt coffers will subsidize you, but you will never be asked to craft something you don't want to craft. If you want to fish or bake, you do you. Obviously we won't need 30 fisherman. The Guild will go Live next week. If you aren't interested in the guild or the I guess the Day Of Character creation help is still free. If you want to join the guild or just learn the character creation method,. Leave your in game name under the respective post.
  2. I'll share the unique way I see and build toons with you man. If you want to check them out. But It will take me a while. I'll be buried in research on the site you posted tonight. Thanks. I don't use the Meta at all for my toon. I use it as what I'm building against. I'm not a Streamers. Not my thing. But you helped me get into the game. If my finished research helps you, I'm glad to share. And thanks.
  3. I think I'm going to start doing a Podcast. I swear you guys could spend less time and money with the endgame if you focused more on your toon at the beginning. The Meta is a jacked up way to play. It doesn't account for the human factor etc. It can't account for someone looking at the screen before they start the process and seeing a build that nobody else uses. A gear package that is inspired in thinking and wasn't computed. Guys come see me in a few days. I'll show you.
  4. I won't log into the game to build a toon until I can find a site with some kind of tree or schematic on the classes so I can see what I'm building. I'm not interested in the Meta or Streaming etc. I just want to look at the potential build outs and see what is best for me. I'm going to buy the game today. But if it takes 3 months for me to see what I'm building before I build it. I'll wait. It sucks. But I've been doing it this way forever. I like to measure twice and cut once. I don't want to know what other people are building, just my options for each class as I gain points.
  5. Just enjoy them man. Some of the best times of my life I have in chat just grouping with my friends playing MMOs. It was always about us being together despite being in different cities. We are working on doing that again in Black Desert. The key is remember it's a game. Remember to laugh and enjoy it. If you all get wiped out by an unexpected mob or some 12 year old in PVP laugh about it. Make some digital memories. That's what you do with friends online bro. Twenty years, you'll all cherish these memories and try to find the time to replicate them.
  6. I'll let you know if I come across any active PVP hotspots man. Right now most people are just grinding trying to max level before they PVP they want to get their top end gear.
  7. Thanks that is settled. Now if I get just find something on class creation. I'm off to buy the game. Thank you.
  8. Hang out for a couple of days. I'll be creating a toon. I'll level up and kill you as many times as you like just because Jamie Foxx annoys me dude.
  9. Congratulations. Nice Boat mate.
  10. Those are actually core elemental alloy strengths PRI -PEN with PEN being the strongest elemental core alloy or compound.
  11. Depending on whether I start today are tomorrow, it will likely be Kabuk unless that is taken. Once I get my bearings new players can always contact me for help.
  12. I'm sure they are all here somewhere. But I had a particularly rough time with chemo Friday, my vision sucks and I'm trying to decide whether to Preorder on the last day which is today. So here are the questions about the Xbox One version which I'm sure will help all new players. 1. Is there a skill tree somewhere in print that shows the options of where to put points when leveling up current Xbox One Character classes? Just the layouts so a new player doesn't go in blind and find the toon doesn't fit their play style and have to reroll 4. How many character slots is each account allotted at the beginning on Xbox and where does that max both with and without premium? 5. Does One Race Have Any Advantages over the other like natural regeneration or higher resistance? Is one a better starting race for practical purposes? Do they access the same classes, build outs and gear? 6. Finally it's my understanding there is some form of cross class skill combining on the PC? Is that true for the Xbox? Is there any word or talk of bringing the full roster of classes and class features to the Xbox? Thanks in advance for your help. I won't roll blind. I really want to be able to look at what I'm starting with, where the class can go, how flexible it is? Before I even log into the game to create a toon. NOTE:. Namus answered my pre-order question which will only be valid for a few more hours. So everyone buy the game now.
  13. Thanks. I suppose the closest thing would be the summoned multiple self thing by a striker combined with a buffing caster \ DPS caster \ healer \ health regenerator combo? Actually maybe it's just better to ask, if I want an out of the box self sufficient toon that I don't have to buy potions for,. That can. Buff himself, heal himself and Regen his on health plus do melee or caster damage and could function maybe as the second healer, second tank or second melee in a group but level himself,. What would I make? Some version of a self healing, DPS Beserker? I don't know the classes or the options. I haven't seen an advanced template for the original 6 anywhere? I'm sorry for the questions. I'm just not a streamers or meta guy. I'm kind of old school. I believe you get the best information by asking players. I know I will pay it forward.
  14. Thanks. But if a pet can't hold it's own in combat it's useless to me. With the Wizard and Witch getting summoned pets on awakening, I wonder if either of those classes can be crossed with a melee tank, healer type? That would come the closest to the class I'm looking for. High HP, Buffer, Healer, Regen his own health fast with a summoned combat pet and combat spells as well as excellent melee. Something versatile. Like my Troll Shaman from EverQuest. Kind of a secondary everything. Healer, DPS, Buffer, CC, DPS Tank. Meant to be a Master of none. But the player and how he gears and specs the toon matters
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