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  1. simple, death by fall had not lost anything, death by mob, if you have crystals in items have chance of crystals break, if not have items can be broken, if items are up EXP: pri, duo and tri, can lose 1 enhancement from tri to duo. and if you are negative karma any death will result in loss of xp and items
  2. Some CM to withdraw us this doubt.???
  3. Would have a forecast for SA servers launch or purchase release for Brazil? I really want to play and in Brazil we did not even have a news
  4. If you are not sure what to do, you will not be able to do it. they would just say that they are working on the game and that they can not pass information, and not open the forum and disappear from the map ... I am aware that at some point they will pronounce, but not stick with that mimimimi, will leave in Q1, Q2, summer is simple say that they left in 2018 and they have not yet launched because they are changing the UI or polishing the simple game.
  5. What is the purpose of this forum? I see several people asking the same thing, about launch date, some information, and just NOTHING .... where's the respect for the public ??? still do not have a launch date, come to speak to people who do not have an expected date, so tired and get pick up information from site that every hour says something different .... this forum need just a little attention, because they released the game in the GDC and do not divulge anything to the Public that so much waiting for him !!!! "my opinion"
  6. are better for to have said the launch in 2018, and not to stipulate a date and every month changes that date. It's the same thing as giving hope to the players and then *****ing on it ...
  7. Hello. I do not know if someone else has seen this video yet ... come soon BDO and take away that anxiety. BDO BDO BDO BDO
  8. Hi i 'm Goku =) Hello i'm Soloko0.....BDO come fassssssssttttttttttttttt
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