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  1. Hi everyone. Im write here awaking combo on ranger. 1. ↑ + B ---> RT ---> B ---> RB (main PvE combo) 2. ↑ + B ---> RT ---> RB ---> A (PvE exit on shotgun) 3. ↑ + B ---> RT ---> RB ---> X ---> LT+RT --->LT+RB---> RT (PvP) 4. ↑ + RB ---> RT ---> RB ---> X ---> LT+RT ---> LB ---> A (PvP exit shotgun ) 5. ↑ + RB ---> RT ---> RB ---> X ---> LT+RT --->↑ + B ---> RT ---> A (PvP exit shotgun) 6. ↑ + RB ---> RT ---> RB ---> B ---> ↓+B ---> A 7. ↑ + RB ---> RT ---> RB ---> B ---> ↓+B ---> LT+RT 8. ↑ + RB ---> RT ---> RB ---> B ---> ↓+B ---> LT+RB ---> RT 9. ↑ + B ---> RT ---> RB ---> B ---> ↓+B ---> LT+RT ---> LB ---> A (Full PVE combo for ranger, max DPS + exit shotgun and exit to 1st bow stand) Attention!!! In my settings Main attack - LT, additional attack - RB That is, if you have standard control settings,then in my combination RT=RB, RB=RT!!! Keep this in mind! Build for ranger 60lvl https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/80171/
  2. I got a sky hawk pet, but still shows that the account in the game is not linked.
  3. Hello, on web site i can see what my account has linked by my in game account. In profile on my web site i can see inscription - "LINKED ACCOUNT" But in game i can't se that! When i try to link my account in game again i have mistake - "Your account linked to another account". My account is registered on the site still on beta test! A few weeks ago, the account was linked, but then it went somewhere! im send 3 tickets on website, but they answer me :"We understand that you would like to report that you can't link your account. For you to be able to link an account, make sure that you already have an account in our official website. Then, in-game, open the Menu window then go to your Profile (this will open the My Information - Character Info with all the stats of your character). You will see the Link your account (Y) at the bottom-right corner of the window. Press Y to open the next window where you will need to enter your account information. Your My Page on the website will also show 'Linked Account' if successful.."... I know that without them!!! but i can't do this. Every time I try to link account i got "Your account linked to another account"... Please solve the problem!!! 3 tickets and nothing!
  4. У меня та же проблема!!! "ваш аккаунт связан с другим аккаунтом".
  5. I too have this issue. In a game i have massage: "your account linked to another account", although my account was linked up long before that.
  6. Hello, tell me please how link web site account to in-game account?
  7. +1 Если игра конечно вобще выдет. Играл во все ммо, кроме БДО. буду играть только ради пвп
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