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  1. While combat is good, it's not complex or hard. I've played all dark souls and I'm about to finish sekiro, and those games you could call hard and complex. Bdo is an easy game to play. Enemies barely attack you. Also, if bdo already allows us to bind skills to that radial menu, which means you just bring this menu up and select a skill to cast it, it already means the game already tries to be simple, but not in the best way, IMO I'm just asking to simplify the button systems, specially when it comes to UI. I've played ESO as well and it's more friendly in this regard.
  2. Using and binding skills to buttons of our choice should be easier, similar to Diablo 3 on consoles or even Path of Exile. I always forget which skill is bind to which button on BDO, so I have to go to the Skills section on menu to see which button (or button combination) I have to press. I play this game occasionally, specially because I'm finishing Sekiro right now, so everytime I get back to BDO I have to look at the skills menu to remember the skill binding. Adding which skill is bind to said buttons should be right on the bottom of the UI, as it is on Diablo 3. On Diablo you just look to the bottom of your screen and you see which ability you will use when you press X, Y, etc also, Diablo doesn't need button combination. You press one button and the ability is used. If bdo already allows us to bind skills to that radial menu, which means you just bring this menu up and select a skill to cast it, it already means the game already tries to be simple, but not in the best way, IMO  Not saying pressing two buttons is hard, but it's so simple on Diablo. Honestly, if I could just look to the bottom of my screen on BDO and see which button I should press to use my abilities would really help! Just look at the screenshot attached. It's so simple on Diablo!
  3. Hi, guys! It may be a dumb question, but I can't make black wave to work. It says I have to use absolute darkness, then black wave, but it simply won't work. Everytime I try to cast black wave I end up casting abyssal flame or other spells. Any tips? Thanks Never mind! I figured it out. It looks like I didn't have the skill, even though it showed on my skill list
  4. I don't believe that's possible, but it would be great. Imagine if we could put 4 players inside the same carriage to travel the world together!
  5. Thanks, buddy I had fun and I will continue having fun regardless of my criticism 😁
  6. I don't play mmos, my man! The only that I really played was ESO and I liked how enemies behave in general.
  7. Guys, I am level 15 and have to kill 50 steel imps (I guess that's what their name is). I know I am at the beginning of the game, but the enemies barely react at all and they are too easy to kill Is this going to change? Will I find more smart and hard enemies at some point?
  8. Trust me, it works! Played all night with my wife yesterday, each one using one of our own consoles (yes, we have two Xbox in our place lol)
  9. Me! Bought on my wife's account and I'm playing on my own account without her being logged
  10. According to several people on reddit, game sharing is working. Special content given to people who pre-ordered the game isn't being shared, but that was expected What matters is that the game itself is being shared as all other games
  11. Following this topic. I wanna know if you can share when it's released. I guess it's released already
  12. Game share is a feature mentioned on Xbox website and confirmed even by Phil Spencer. If anything, it's a fair way to compensate the fact that digital games should be cheaper than retail (but it's not), and you can't resell digital. So if you share you kinda compensate this. If you don't, then the only advantage of buying digital is comfort and preference. Here, in Brazil, you get tons of deals when it comes to retail games, coz there are lots of companies selling games, so there is competition. The same can't be said about digital games, which is basically only sold by Xbox live store. You rarely see digital being sold outside Xbox live marketplace I say this to you guys that game share: wait for the official release and see if game sharing works. Pre-order bonuses won't work, I guess, but the game should work
  13. Hey, Eso ALLOWS game sharing. I'm pretty sure of this. Back in the day, I bought it once and both me and my wife played each one in their own Xbox console. But the in-game currency is not shared.
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