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  1. Why you ask? when Black desert came out for the Xbox one x and not for the PS4 I was very upset so I took my PlayStation 4 and destroyed it. I figure it's the least I can do since it's not cross platform the only reason I had the Xbox one x was for that one game that's it nothing else.
  2. Hey thanks for replying, good riddance to the console version... I'm going to make a little video and upload it on YouTube with me throwing my Xbox one x like a frisbee onto the street if it doesn't break I'm going to throw it up in the air multiple times.
  3. I stopped playing on Xbox one x went back to the PC version, thinking about coming back to BDX but only if it is cross platform with the PlayStation 4 version... Does anyone know if it is or no?
  4. Well I can't resell it so... I'm just going to stick to Xbox. I used to be a PC gamer so this is all weird to me and I would have thought that the company would make it cross platform, all online games that are on console should be cross-platform. It's like this, save Pearl abyss only made a version of Black desert for Alienware computers... What if you have a Toshiba or an HP? GOD FORBID YOU BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM PC... Which is what I did when I first started Black desert online way back when it started with an unknown publisher by the name of Dayumm or Daum games.
  5. What about the Gap when I don't play for a couple months? Remember not everybody plays 24/7 also that would be unwelcoming for new players if he says that... Shame on him.
  6. Wow I didn't say because of me lol I'm just an old forty-two-year-old guy... I was just saying what I did to be able to play Black desert on console, I'm not putting the blame on anybody. Simply venting my own thoughts, decisions and ones that I do not regret. Slow down their captain!
  7. I'm not very competitive myself in this game that is. I take my time, I play how I play. I still enjoy PVP though, I played the game enough on the PC for over 3 years with KAKAO... it's good to see Pearl abyss taking up their own developed game and publishing it as well.
  8. I'm hoping that if I reply enough to my post and it gets enough attention that Pearl abyss will make Black desert cross platform. I would like to be able to play with friends that have PlayStation 4, I don't want to have to re-buy what I gave away just to play Black desert. I sold my PlayStation 4 that I have 50 plus games for just to be able to play Black desert on the console so I bought an Xbox One x. that is the only game I have on my Xbox One x and I'm not looking to re-buy all those games that I had on my PlayStation 4 for for my Xbox. The my opinion video game companies rip off gamers when they create single player games and or MMORPG online games and make different platform gamers pay for each version and if you buy one copy should work for any of the newer generation systems, same goes for PS3 Xbox 1 whatever the Xbox was before Xbox One x.
  9. Very true. it's not like the PS4 players would be that far behind we don't have Kama we don't have grania... Besides the Xbox version if new players decide to play it there going to be far behind as well. I'm pretty far behind myself even though I started when the game came out, I don't play it daily I've been dealing with real life though I may have more time in the future.
  10. Bump! Pearl abyss please make this happen, I don't want to have to re-buy another PlayStation 4... I gave up my PlayStation 4 and about 50 games just to play Black desert on console, Xbox One x! If I had known that it was coming for the PS4 I would have simply waited.
  11. I don't mind PVP, but I do enjoy running by people and grabbing them to throw them to the ground then I just run off... It's my way of saying hello!
  12. This posted read, when are we getting new classes*
  13. It would save a lot of people that just bought the Xbox One only for Black desert. Time, patience and money. For Pearl abyss it would be a smart choice allowing both consoles to be able to play together allowing people from both consoles. Final fantasy realm reborn did it with PS4 and PC. Dauntless does it for Xbox One PS4 and PC. Since KAKAO games publishes the American version for BDO PC version. PC version / console wouldn't work too well since the PC version has been out for several years. Now between the consoles yes it could work and it can be a big profit for Pearl abyss and more enjoyment for us players.
  14. If they don't do cross-platform it's going to be really bad. I have tons of games on my PlayStation 4, I got rid of my PlayStation 4 just to be able to buy an Xbox One x only two play Black desert. So yeah they need to do it cross platform.
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