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  1. PC version you get triple the silver from trash loot and the armor prices are the same as BDX... PA is really ruining their console version of this game by that mob nerf!
  2. Yeah I tried pollys and fadus lastnight and was in shock of how much they lowered it... Being totally under geared and no silver hitting lvl 60 on x box version I am losing hope in even trying. PC version however is fine, I have my 4 year account but I am really wanting to get into x box games due to issues with my arm and hand. Medical issues...
  3. That wouldn't be fair, I play on Xbox and don't even have one boss item yet. I play slowly and mostly on PC. But if I came back to the x box version I would still be far behind, this isn't about which console you have. It is about how much time you put into the game. and rng
  4. If the xbox versions mobs are not that much lowered I would come back to this version so I am debating on which to stick with, pen roulette on pc only if the xbox version is still viable to grind mobs.
  5. Doing a PEN roulette on PC, did they really nerf the mob to 40% on the xbox version? If so that is total garbage! Please let me know, heavy grinders need those mobs or the games done for...
  6. PC version has increased mob density, which is great! BDX was fine before they did this nerf in my opinion, it played great! Now I have just packed my Xbox one x away for a rainy day. GG Pearl Abyss!
  7. I would have stayed on the Xbox version if they hadn't messed with the mob percentage, I enjoyed being able to play Black Desert on my 50 inch 4k which I can not do on my gaming laptop.
  8. I had no problems before the mob nerf. Also quit BDX and back to playing BDO on pc. Thanks Pearl Abyss, for ruining your game! Also stopped my xbox live gold. As a veteran player on pc, you have to have constant mobs and tons of them. For people who grind, which are the majority. Also your game is far behind on trash loot prices, while the market place armor is too highly priced to match any way of farming silver to make enough to afford a pen set of boss armor.
  9. yeah and for the amount of silver from trash loot is still much lower than the pc version but the mp is high. More mobs are important for grinders like me and many others.
  10. Did they really wipe 40% of mobs off the game? if so I am going back to the PC version... Please let me know, I will also need to cancel my xbox live membership.
  11. Been on the pc version of BDO for the past 4+ years since the game came out. Tired of Kakao and not sure if it's worth playing because of this, Kakao does not own any part of BDO Kakao is a European publishing company Pearl Abyss developed this game and only publishes it on the consoles right now. My question is, when kakaos contract is up on the PC version it will be done with for PC players? Will PearlAbyss take the game up for PC? Which version should I stick with PearlAbyss?
  12. I was hearing about the mobile version of afk. I was misinformed is all.
  13. I went back to the pc version and am now re looking into the xbox version because of a few things. I don't like KAKAO Pearl Abyss runs the Console versions of Black Desert as well as they are the developers. That is a good thing imo. Feels more fresh on console to me. Less taxing on my PC hooked to my 50 inch. I can play with ease on my 50 inch with my xbox one x.
  14. Oh yeah I did the mobile version for a while well since its brand new I couldn't get my CP over 2500. I quit the mobile version because it's too heavily pay-to-win.
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