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  1. Been on the pc version of BDO for the past 4+ years since the game came out. Tired of Kakao and not sure if it's worth playing because of this, Kakao does not own any part of BDO Kakao is a European publishing company Pearl Abyss developed this game and only publishes it on the consoles right now. My question is, when kakaos contract is up on the PC version it will be done with for PC players? Will PearlAbyss take the game up for PC? Which version should I stick with PearlAbyss?
  2. I was hearing about the mobile version of afk. I was misinformed is all.
  3. I went back to the pc version and am now re looking into the xbox version because of a few things. I don't like KAKAO Pearl Abyss runs the Console versions of Black Desert as well as they are the developers. That is a good thing imo. Feels more fresh on console to me. Less taxing on my PC hooked to my 50 inch. I can play with ease on my 50 inch with my xbox one x.
  4. Oh yeah I did the mobile version for a while well since its brand new I couldn't get my CP over 2500. I quit the mobile version because it's too heavily pay-to-win.
  5. I've been on the PC version for 5 years and I am going to quit the PC version and come back to the Xbox version because I hear that you can Auto grind while AFK. no one will tell me if this is true or false and I would like to know before I pay for another live membership...
  6. It's horrible on the PC version I wouldn't look forward to it. Awakening is better.
  7. I'm making this post to see if this is true, I hear that on the console version of Black desert you can AFK while Auto grinding at sausans or anywhere else is this true or false? If this is true I may just come back to the Xbox version.
  8. Why you ask? when Black desert came out for the Xbox one x and not for the PS4 I was very upset so I took my PlayStation 4 and destroyed it. I figure it's the least I can do since it's not cross platform the only reason I had the Xbox one x was for that one game that's it nothing else.
  9. Hey thanks for replying, good riddance to the console version... I'm going to make a little video and upload it on YouTube with me throwing my Xbox one x like a frisbee onto the street if it doesn't break I'm going to throw it up in the air multiple times.
  10. I stopped playing on Xbox one x went back to the PC version, thinking about coming back to BDX but only if it is cross platform with the PlayStation 4 version... Does anyone know if it is or no?
  11. Well I can't resell it so... I'm just going to stick to Xbox. I used to be a PC gamer so this is all weird to me and I would have thought that the company would make it cross platform, all online games that are on console should be cross-platform. It's like this, save Pearl abyss only made a version of Black desert for Alienware computers... What if you have a Toshiba or an HP? GOD FORBID YOU BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM PC... Which is what I did when I first started Black desert online way back when it started with an unknown publisher by the name of Dayumm or Daum games.
  12. What about the Gap when I don't play for a couple months? Remember not everybody plays 24/7 also that would be unwelcoming for new players if he says that... Shame on him.
  13. Wow I didn't say because of me lol I'm just an old forty-two-year-old guy... I was just saying what I did to be able to play Black desert on console, I'm not putting the blame on anybody. Simply venting my own thoughts, decisions and ones that I do not regret. Slow down their captain!
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