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  1. YahNothing

    Beta question

    Nah bro
  2. YahNothing

    Leaving a group

  3. YahNothing

    Leaving a group

    I’ve been looking for a good 30 mins on how to leave a group but I can’t find an option to leave anywhere
  4. This post was made yesterday. There was no way of knowing
  5. YahNothing

    8.11 Beta info

    I doubt data will transfer from the beta to full release. There’s a chance we could switch servers to be in either EU or NA but that’s just a guess
  6. I was think maybe a Bard so I can hit people with a lute
  7. YahNothing

    Simon's take on E3

    Is it wrong for Simon to just have a normal interaction with someone else on the forums? If you’re saying his existence on the forums is useless you should not be here. You’re only bad mouthing the CM of the fourms because you have nothing better to do. How can he hype up the community with being able to give little to no information, if he did what you were asking he would start repeating things he said.
  8. YahNothing

    Simon's take on E3

    And why is that?
  9. YahNothing

    Simon's take on E3

    @[CM] Simon, thanks for taking your time and writing this article. Reading this brings back some hope knowing your our community manager
  10. YahNothing

    E3 Briefing - BDO

    I don’t have anyone words to say that can express how disappointed I am with their decision of releasing it either in fall or after fall
  11. YahNothing

    Why PA

    We’ve been waiting so long as a community with it being announced june of last year and it being delayed from the first quarter of 2018 to summerish of 2018 and now it gonna be released either in fall or after fall...
  12. YahNothing

    Reply to Dev Notes #2

    I was honestly suprised that we got another dev note. I really wonder how things are going to run on the standard xbox one (please run smooth)
  13. YahNothing

    Keyboard compatibility?

    If they added keyboard and mouse compatibility to console BDO that would create an unfair advantage for people using controller since on keyboard you have more freedom than you do on a controller, and people transferring from PC would have more experience on keyboard as well as knowledge of the game
  14. I honestly would be disappointed in PA if they don’t give us an answer as to when the game will be released. Just like you i’ve been hyped for this game since E3 2017. If they don’t release the game before the summer ends most of the community would have hopped off the hype train that we have been aboard for almost over a year now.
  15. YahNothing

    What's your favorite class and why?

    Don’t lose hope they make changes to the game everyday, some changes are wanted others aren’t but sooner or later they will have somewhat fixed it