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  1. Super armor is immunity to CC.. But... most or many skills is only partially super armor. so SA only apply on 2nd or last hit.. or only at the start of skill.. etc. etc..
  2. and thats still around 500 less LT thn 100 pots.. so yeah alot of weight is saved.
  3. thats where ur wrong.. it took atleast a year before it was released on pc. started out with only Sailboat.
  4. Got that.. it's nice not to have all the extra weight, from running 100+ pots.
  5. Dont expect frigate this time around.. it will prolly start out with Epheria sailboat only
  6. Reason to use keyboard/mouse, is for those who play tamer/sorc would most likely have an easier way to use forward evasion. its easier to doubletap a key than it is to doubletap a controller stick. Using mouse will most likely give some evasive advantages, cuz u can turn ur character faster around or switch direction faster.
  7. gotten several TET Bares necklace drops
  8. Just got it this morning.. so.. only the resourse potion left.. but need a break from the grind though..
  9. Got the sherekan panacea and the Ash Halfmoon Kagutanak.. took 3 hours for the sherekan and 1 week for the ash halfmoon, and on 3rd day trying to get the 1 from ronaros
  10. Better question is, why the heck would u switch from xbox to ps..?
  11. This against the TOS. to use or no?
  12. dude, its kinda ment to be rre.. its an item that never go away
  13. Pretty sure this loot increase scroll is not working as intended.. Been testing trash loot drops from ogres.. Without loot scroll i get 10-15 trash loot.. with loot scroll i get 10-15 trash loot.. not to mentin the Prognyl silvers from the elites.. without loot scroll.. i get 12-14 pr mob.. with loot scroll i get 12-14 pr. mob. in mansha forest.. So.. the 50% amount increase is not working at all, cuz normally i get 18 to 21 pr. mob with the scroll active, but not since Drieghan was applied. And i highly doubt the 100% drop rate does too..
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